A new reason for Lethargy

From the short article on Malaria in tody’s article in Hyderabad Chronicle.Mosquito bite can cause unexplained letahrgy.Why blame this blood-sucking pest,there are lots of reasons that cause unexplained lethargy:First being

1.When you live in a boring place such as hyd,it can cause unexplained lethargy to socialize.

2.When you have to create mass products with abundance of creativity in a place that’s too laid back for art.

3.When distributors buy movies such as twilight-eclipse instead of some quality movies,it does eclipse your gung-ho.Yeah,mosquitoes will like this movies-they like suking blood

4.When corporates set unreasonable deadlines for their robotic employes,their gears cease to function.

5.All the world is contained inside of your computer,you barely wish to go out and see

6.All you see in newspaper is politics,crime,and bosh..except for the page3 section

7.you are surrounded by bhenjis and boring bhaiyyas,you have unexplained lethargy not wanting to date

8.Garfield is your favorite cartoon

Strange only human beings are previledged with laziness,if the mosquito were to feel lazy,that’d prevent malaria

i’m having unexplained lethargy to give more unexplained reasons 😛

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