Autostart car with simple gear system

The only reason I prefer a pep to a car is to avoid changing those herculean gears esp when you are used to speeding in piled traffic.Whosoever designed these gears for cars was a nut who had special love for complexity and labour work.i’d like a straight forward approach to using automobiles esp in a world where god-speed is venerated,you cant afford to miss a nano second(however you can miss the nano).I’d like the following features in a car to start with:

1.Autostart and auto gear change system

2.Shrinkability in a pathetic traffic

3.One touch start with super encripted system(and you thought they only want to ban blackberries)

4.Compact car with extendable seating

5.Automatic changable shield suitable for all types of weather conditions.

6.Computarized parts with s/w upgrades for enhancing features(instead of buying a new car)

7.Repairs shuld be possible with duct tape alone.

and all this at an affordable price.i aint too demanding however i’d like simple,robust functionality that makes the working easy.Well,that my work philosophy with regard to technology,simple ,functional and robust.I have aways been fond of smart cars,however they aint that accessible in our Bharat mahan

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  1. snowleopard

    As a Mechanical and Automation Engineering graduate, I must appreciate your post inspite of the fact that you made fun of my kind by calling us nuts who like to make things complex 😛

    These are some pretty innovative ideas.

  2. Vaishali Adwant

    hey thanks for the comment.However i think that you cant be innovative unless you are a nut 😛 .Hoping some Engineers like you can actually make these features a reality 🙂

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