The most happening addiction…


Worried that apple of your eye is addicted to esoteric vices like  myraid intoxicants,baccy and human chasis…thank Mark Zukerbergh and his ilk for creating newer form of addiction that is so digital that’ll make esoteric vices extinct,atleast thats a probability we can live with.Facebook,online social networking et al can hardly leave time to get sloshed and wasted.Reading , posting on wall, commenting, online games and online marketing tools  has created a rather zestful addictive uproar that is mostly productive as compared to the above mentioned counter-productive craving. As the science gospels ‘nothings absolute’ there are short comings to every product and its utility.This type of addiction could make you a techno-sloth who’s glued to the terminal and dont move an inch; apart from giving you the opportuinity to showcase you talent in myriad fields via posting videos,posters,marketing,connecting with people.Online media has grown to be of wide usage.When was the last nano-second you were facebooking? Last thing your folks should be worried is about the ‘Facebook Disorder’.As i’m pretty sure they too must have joined the bandwagon..If you are a techie,you can most certainly  write a code to describe how this addiction falls in the infinite loop :p

P.S: We are no more alcohol-dependant but Facebook-dependant digital cosmos…

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