Living Outside the Limbo

Since the turn of Sept 1st 2016, it seems like I have already been living in the unborn month of October, outside the scope of my limbo. All these months have been riding on the auto pilot mode, but looks like the settings have changed. What did the oblivion do to me?Let me sail in my search for peace through meddling chaos. It’s quite the quagmire, let me tell you! Like the quicksilver, time runs out of you, as much as you are running along the time. Doesn’t unpredictability make life adventurous? Too much information can shut you down for good. The kind of shut down that reincarnates and beckons the innate nature, almost forgotten over the passage of time.

After almost a decade, I have started to recognize my true self. Re conciliate my inner peace, enjoy the sunlight and the rain equally. Past is not bad as long as it reminds you of who you truly are! The original you! You get so lost  hotfooting, you forget simple things that matter and forget to thank God for all the good things happening with you. Limbo is your pet stop watch. You are thrown into a limbo by life, when every aspect starts to steer at an overwhelming rate, without the look out for breaks.

When a few lines begin to rhyme the rhythm of the present, it seems like a gift, truly! Meaningfulness in its fullness starts to snail into the little holes hammered into your soul. Chaos theory is only for the creative hearts who render them beautifully. They understand the purity that lies beneath the dust of chaos and mayhem. That is what deep living does to you. You alight down the staircase of insensibilities and unconcerns and FEEL so real, it bumps off the eclipse of numbness with an epidemic outbreak of compassion. I do remember now, like a breath of fresh air, how compassionate I have been before being pushed into the cosmos of abeyance. To the world, it might seem like an immovable stagnation, but for me, it has been a spiritual challenge to know the unknown in the state of nothingness.

You feel the gravity, but inside your soul there is no pull. You nourish your body robotically, because something inside you is not dead yet. That something has been at a primitive stage during this long period of nowhere. That something has evolved into a matured gumption, and full blown awareness. Auto pilot has chosen to flake out. I think forgiveness is from true realization than from manufactured wisdom. The long term contract with the limbo now ends with the end of August.


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