One day, out of the blue, the world came to a standstill,

Letting you take a trip,

In the avenues where your thoughts were once nil,

To give your lifestyle a good grip.

Did you binge on excess?

Take balance for granted?

Thought everything was within your access?

You have nothing to vent?

Did you forget to spend time with family?

Spend it now..

Old values that make up a purposeful life,

A place of unconditional love.

Did you spend time with yourself?

Spend it now…

To ruminate and explore your inner world,

Like the layers of rose petals unfold.

Did you have a lot to improve?

Do it now…

Every moment is an chance to do good,

To clear your path like walking in the wood.

Did you have time to mend your broken heart?

Mend it now..

Time heals and inspires you to be wise,

Make choices so very nice.

Did you have passions to pursue?

Do it now…

Make the filling moments with doing what you love,

Doubts from your lawn, like weeds, you mow.

Did you spend time watching the sunrise?

Do it now…

The sacred calm of early mornings,

Bring wisdom worth sharing.

When life comes to a standstill,

You can create avenues at will.

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