Do you know? why do we fear?

Of the known and unknown?

Ignorance and lack of knowledge our mind bears,

Your mind thrives in the fearful town.

Like a guiding light, when darkness turns to light,

You pity the plight,

Each moment filled with delight,

Focus back on life, nothing out of sight.

Dig deep into the fear, for its a bubble blown away,

Looking at blocks standing in the path and doorways,

With yourself are you content?

With self awareness and realization you didn’t have much to lament?

Fear of the noise of opinions,

How well do you know yourself?

With your shortcomings are you harsh or lenient?

Your emotions, are they suppressed and shelved?

Make others feel better, it heals your pain within,

You have nothing to lose,

When you bring a smile therein,

Did you yet, think of a muse?

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