The Impossible

A day, an epiphany of infinite possibilities,

Not padlocked in the past, or future,

A brand new usher of energy,

As the truth shines, chaos reaches the cloture,

A crowd of outlaws with sweetness galore,

Raised a furore, standing on bag of lies,

Standing your ground set to sail indemnity,

Your soul insured, what is clear that it belies.

The impossible deed, the ultimate truth,

A group of radicals hid,

Mocking the holy trinity, your spirituality,

With darkness in their soul, and bright visage,

They sang a siren song in chorus,

Spite and ill will layered with love and amorous.

Like a lone warrior battling evil,

Nothing sapped your divinity,

Despite being attacked by the evil spell,

Your spirit is intact sailing through calamities.

You did what seemed impossible,

Bangjaxing abundant layer of deceit,

You shined with melodic fete.

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