Elgar Leafcurl – The Goofy Chinchilla

Once upon a time,

An Elgar Leafcurl in the woody forest,

Wrote sweet lores, ate scented twigs,

By the night time he came to rest,

In his home were lavender and tulips,

And dulcet sound of wind chimes.

One day on his way to the woods,

Were triplets in a basket,

Cute and giggling in mirth,

Adorned in shiny jewels and bracelet,

His love for them was never in dearth.

He brought them home in joy,

Singing lullabies, cradling them in rejoice,

Each day went by in fun and play,

They jumped and prattled while he was away.

In sparkling moonlight, the well-lit nite,

In the shiny beam, next to a sprinkling stream,

Came a pixie fairy with fun and mischief,

She made chocolate, candies, and cream,

Elgar Leafcurl had more to believe,

He felt the magic in every bite.

He carved a school for his munchkins,

In a few days with scented branches,

They learned all they might,

He had more to do than being a rancher,

They loved them more each day,

Their mischief and cuteness never got out of sight.

On a dreary night, with thunderstorms,

There was a thumping on the ground,

His sweetlets had no fear,

For their though his love will conquer all around,

Awakened by the mystic midnight,

A ghastly figure appeared,

Knock, knock, knockety-knock, “Who is behind the door?”

Frockling with fireworks,

The scared the ghastly figure away to the moor,

They taught him not to feel the fright,

Should it again lurk,

Coz they got naughtiest tricks,

To shoo away danger near the creek.

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