Warmth after hurried workdays,

Punches, slushies, and spritzers,

A slow pace, family, and fun,

Life rewritten like an author Pulitzer,

Unwinding and being undone,

Awaited, restful holidays.

By the country side, on the summery beach,

It’s all roses and peaches,

Is my mobile out of reach?

Adding hues to the palette bleached.

A happy banter, chit chat, catching up,

Away from gizmos, numbers, and all the jazz,

Opens the curtain of razzmatazz,

Beauty of life, from a bird’s view, top notch.

No more Monday blues,

No rush hour and traffic jams,

No deadlines, no excuse,

Feeling the gung-ho, it’s all bam bam!!

With ticking time, every moment a joy,

Essence of life to the real cause alloyed,

Spirit set itself free,

Gathering ambrosia like the honey bee.

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