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Plants I Love to Grow in My Tiny Space

I love gardening. I didn’t want to be a horticulturist. But, in my tiny space, I prefer to grow perennial flowers. Torenidas, ixoras, Zinnias, Rose, Basil, Tuber rose(seasonal), oleanders, asters, and more. I love flowerbeds made from bulbous tulips, asters, petunias, and the sunflower breeds. These flowers grace my balcony. A few are seasonal, so I have to keep changing them…I prefer annual. So, there is more to come.


I have Become a Herbal Tea Connoisseur

After drinking black coffee for a really long time, I switched to herbal tea when it felt like there were coffee streams running in my blood vessels. My caffeine addiction ceased to zero. Once in a while I smell the freshly grounded coffee and add chocolate syrup to the black coffee, so you cannot call it black coffee anymore.

Green tea has been in the list of my daily intake. So, I tried as many flavors as available. The cinnamon, lemon, mint, tulsi, and more blends. Then I tried black tea. I found black tea to have boosting my metabolism than green tea. I also tried the jasmine, Apple,Hibiscus,peach, apricot, and the fruit flavored teas. They make you feel lighter.