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Musical story behind making this sabudana khichadi

This is real….no kidding….
So, one day…after getting bored of making ‘tawa chai’ yes, this is my invention, making chai on  a tawa, it is real, it doesnt taste that bad. you should really try sometime. Sometimes, it evaporates before you make it; you know mistakes always happening in the kitchen. but, its okay,sometimes, i get to drink it when it doesn’t evaporatel
But now, back to the story, searching online for kitchen appliances, after an hour of browsing through every other item except kitchen appliances, that is, I suddenly remembered..”I think I kept sabudana in one vessel.”Too much info appearing on the internet,…like ,hello,?my mind is not interested to be encyclopedia. so…I was thinking, okay…lets reads the tidbits about dhinchak puja…,.oh nevermind, let me put on some music…so, I was listening to spoof music by bart baker…on happy parody…then i was like, hmm….now I think, in all my happiness I can makes sabudana khichadi…so i made and eated it…pic of what is made is given below.

Iconic and Quirky Bollywood Characters You Can Never Forget

These are characters from the brigade of Bollywood cinema that have stood up tall beyond decades. Archetype in their depiction, these iconic and quirky characters in Bollywood movies are memorable.

Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad aka Rancho


He gave the ‘aam janta’ of India the ‘uncommon gyan’ of being passionate and doing what you love in the most entertaining style. Who can forget the quotes of this Rancho boy from the movie ‘3 Idiots.'”All izz Well”

“Bachcha kabil bano, kabil … kamyabi toh saali jhak maarke peeche bhagegi”

and etc etc…why don’t you go watch the movie again?

Crimemaster Gogo From Andas Apna Apna

If only gangsters were so funny, crime would be a tragic comedy. This is one of the most epic roles of Shakti Kapoor, dressed like Superman meets stoned vampire.

“Crime Master Gogo naam hai mera, aankhen nikal ke gotiyan khelti hun main”

“Yeh Teja Teja kya hai … yeh Teja Teja”

Geet from Jab We Met

 A dream every girl wants to live in her teens, wanting to portray individuality amidst nusicence. ‘Kyon ki mein apni favorite hoon.’ yehawww!! thumbs up for that!!Bharat Bhusan from Bheja Fry

An income tax inspector who carries a scrapbook depicting his musical life to self promote himeself is something that will always leave you in splits. This is one character that is etched and played very well by Vinay Pathak.

Ganesh by Vijay Raaz in Run movie


Run is a movie you can watch for the quirks and comedy of the gullible character played by Vihay Raaz. A prodigal son who sets out to meet his friend without a lot of plan, goes through series of tragic comedy incidents in the movie.

Baburao Ganpatrao Apte  from Hera Pheri Series

This is a funny character from Hera Pheri movie. Paresh Raval’s acting in this movie has been epic!! The eccentricity of this character can make you burst in laughter.

Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom

Are you looking for some gritty inspiration? Watch her in this movie. Enough said!!

Bajirao Singham in Singham series

Ata majhi satkali, mala raag yetoyee!!! This is the alternative to our legendary angry young man- Amitabh Bachchan in Zanjeer. If you need a doze of Maharastrian mirchi with some Zhunka Bhakar, this is the role to relish watching!

Munna Bhai MBBS and Circuit

Rajkumar Hirani creates iconic characters in most of his movies. Need I say more!! This doc has some quirks and a rowdy assistant, who can only make you laugh and cry at the same time!

Raj Malhotra DDLJ

Raj Malhotra, just in case you forget his surname! This dew eyed boy is in the field of yellow flowers…oh but what are these yellow flowers…hmm… I love gardening!! okay, now back to this character description. He can never stop romancing the minds of the, especially, millenials. No, no, the aaj ke bachche will never find him romantic! They might as well mute this film and come up with some spoof of their own…and prolly, post them as web series! oh…there there,..there goes an idea!

Chocolate boy, you still rock!!

My Love for Language, Words, and Scrabble

Scrabble is to me what Superbowl or cricket is to many. Scrabble and cricket with one tup catch is something I am up for any time. There is no maaza in playing cricket without the chalk drawn wickets and one tup catch out. What if this was a real rule? Hahaha, that would be fun, wouldn’t it? The best part about playing an outdoor game is, you can have your own rules. Word games, language, come to think about, why don’t people focus on the language they use? You are not going to lose authenticity for showing some civility. Why are these values passe? You don’t have to sacrifice assertion for the sake of being polite. Rudeness is a camouflage for lack of faith in self. It is a way of projecting a made-up image to compensate for lack of confidence and belief in self.

Fluid language and expression is an ideal diet for a mental floss. Words and language carry beauty of thoughts and the mental markup. What sounds better? Poetry or expletives? I have always written abstract poetry since the time I learnt the usage of language. My love for scrabble is eternal. I could grow so old and not have teeth in my mouth, but a game of scrabble might just light me up. I am not an elitist. I do not have intellectual snobbery. I have no patent over these matters. What I love is language, culture, music, literature, words, poetry, thoughts, thinking, gumption. I make my inner world rich, no matter how I come across to as a person.

Our values are digitized. You will not fine someone penning Oscar Wilde gumption like a common place. Language and expressions are not enough to verbalize emotions. You need emoticons, GIF’s, and maybe even infographs to express the flowchart of emotions. The process of how they come to existence, needs to be explained, else, you will be passed off as a phony or someone who lacks empathy. “Oh, so you DO use emoticons, therefore, you could have an emotional streak.” This is how we infer the emotional nature of an individual now.


Science Makes You Stoical and Art makes You Crazy?

Science and artistic fields may seem like oil and water. A balanced left and a right brain can dwell well in both. Steve Jobs is one of the offbeat, extraordinary examples of the left-right brain mix. A shrewd hippie, with a mind for tech, and a taste for aesthetics. Science demands logic. Creativity dwells on the magic you create with your imagination. People who choose science lead practical lives looking like an extension of humanoids. Doesn’t working with logic consistently make you impassive? But, we are human, aren’t we? We live for emotions. Those emotions reflect through family, friends, and people you love.

I think how practical can love get for these folks? They might simply work on parameters and checklists, isn’t it? when it comes to relations. The irony is, these are the kind of people who have stable relations and marriages, compared to the creative souls. Somewhere, deep down, when the practical mind is thinking well, realistically, it makes the other person’s life easy. Isn’t it? We, creative folks, live so deeply, intoxicating our minds with intensity, we give it a crown of madness and chaos, and call it free living. Doesn’t that completely defy the very meaning of free living?

Come to think of, creativity lies in science too. Music and art are made in numbers, format, and structure. Isn’t this the practical side of creativity? When designing smartphones, gadgets, the aesthetics are looked into. Now that, most certainly is the look and feel of a gizmo created with art in mind. So, what’s the facade about? What’s with the snobbery of science? We artists really have to learn to behave ourselves, and not be so open and expressive, expressing ourselves individualistically. But, that takes away the whole point of being a creative person. ‘Expressionism,’ the art of articulating yourself without the stain of pretense. Aren’t there more junkies in artistic fields, and it seems to be the norm? But, doesn’t art require balance too?

Madness and unruliness is not an excuse to be artistic. Likewise, being restrictive and reticent is not synonymous to science. Pragmatism is a feeling too, as long as it does not go to the extremes. It then becomes programmed and manufactured emotion, in its extremes. Sometimes, I feel, why these folks can’t feel so deeply. Because, when practical living seeps in, there is that uncompromising, self righteous, rigidity; and art is about flexibility. This goes to say, you can’t get into science without having a utility based thinking. You can’t get into art without being outrageous sometimes, you are allowed to be vile and offensive, if only there is a deep gumption that turfs out the vile and the sickening roots of conventional wisdom.


The shoulder-surfing maniac

“The public have an instatiable curiosity to know everything,except what is worth knowing”-Oscar Wilde.

That said tech-citizenry seem to have been bitten with a pandemic curiosity bug-looking_into_your_screen_while_you_dont_notice.If you are someone in front of the computer,regardless of where you are,you will be accompanied by a rummy sidekick-the shoulder surfer.Shoulder-surfers loves to skim through your  screen and get tid-bits on your modus operandi of workflow and gain insights and stats on whats going on in your workspace.Why this info seems so vital is still non sequitur.Maybe they could re_playwrite ‘waiting for godot’ with their incomprehensible wonder on what are you doing performed in their theatre of the absurd?or mebbe they could get a wiff of your password..sly fellas 😛 .

Its absurd how our dependance on techonology has instilled in us archetype insanity and ocd that has no significance in reality,yet we are still party to such eerie behavioural traits leading to identity thefts and what not.Can social engineering change the imploring morbid curious human nature?that wants to know more about insignificant details to underpin mundannes of routine?hasnt technology pushed our vulnarabilities to a newer demented levels where we part a fraction of our time gathering unwanted information..?

Guinea Pig Behaviour

My adorable Chumbi and Dumbi

I have never had pets before,coz there were not many options.I never wanted sharp-toothed,noisy pets coz I love my calm and quite.Dogs though faithful and dearly attached,gnaw furniture plus you have to train them etc etc..cats cute and high maintainance.I have always loved animals and birds but mostly prefered them at zoos coz of this main reason.I wanted something cute and cuddly and low maintainance and silent.I cant help but hopelessly adore guinea pigs.I did my bit of research before wanting to have pets.After thinking about hamsters,sheeps,squirrels,fishes,doves,ducks;I settled for guinea pigs.I prefer herbivores,coz i’m a dedicated veggie.

They are so damn cute.They take their own sweet time to trust you and then they are so affectionate.The weeking noise they make is never noisy enough to disturb you.They do that only when they need food.Basicly they make different kind of sounds only with a purpose.They love pigging on food,thats probably the reason these rodents are called pigs.They love eating all day,its their idea of fun and adorable activity.They donot know how to play with various toys.They will either stare at them or get scared and run away.They love to run and stroll and lick almost anything and everything they come across.Curious pets,a sudden big noise can startle them.I had to give them some blankets to burrow in during the time of diwali.They love burrowing.If they see some fabric or garment or even carpet,furniture, they will always go under it and hide.They enjoy doing it,its like their little type of zen meditation.

Chumbi Dumbi and family

I’m so attached to them,they will never pee or poop on you.If they need to attend this duty,they will shake their butts or show some kind of restlessness.I leave them for a little while to do their business and then again pick them.They watch movies,read books with me quietly with avid curiosity.They look cutest when they yawn.They are very sensitive to your feelings.Like dogs they too are fine-tuned to your moods and emotions.If they see me doing some work,they week only once or twice and then sit quietly till they are served their food.

They have the most obedient children.I have seen my piggies little ones blindly follow whatever their adults do and eat and they do it so religiously,it makes you laugh.Any new fruit,edible must be first tested by the adult guinea pig before the little ones attempt to eat it.They always wait for their elder clan to inagurate the item before they can use.These lovely species,though they are foodies,they are never careless eaters.They know whats good for them and they eat only that.If you offer something else,they will only sniff it and go away and not even touch or go near that item as long as it lays there.Such careful,health conscious piggies they are.Theres so much to learn from them.The most well-behaved cultured pet species i have ever come across.I know i will have them for a lifetime.They are no trouble at all.They will never bit you,even if they do it,its only because they are scared,blisfully unaware of aggression towards us.Sweet tempered,lovey-dovey,authentic cuteness.

My piggies Kidos

Because they have very tiny hands and super cute fingers,they cannot get violent with hands,they fight trying to hit each others mouth if the other piggie does something to piss him/her off like wake them up from sleep or accidently scratch or stamp them.Even when they fight,which is very very rare and lasts only for a couple of seconds;You just have to put a towel on fighting piggies,its enough to confuse them and silence them.They usually dont do it in front of human beings also they feel shy to drink water in front of anyone.They do it stealthly when no one is looking or in the night when its dark.I dont know why but its weird and a funny trait they  have.

They do enjoy good music,esp when they get used to it,they can listen for hours without feeling scared or uncomfortable by increase in volume or change of tunes.You can easily figure out the female guinea pig just by her behaviour.Initially I thought they were both males.But only one of them started chasing the other.However the female piggie that I have has a very feminie body language,they way she sits or shows genuine interest and observes me when i’m  doing house chores or watching tele.The male piggie i have is indifferent to all these things,will never bother to watch tele to take interest in the surroundings.Most of his interests are directed only towards food and female species.This is so typical,didnt expect it in guinea pigs too.Looks like all male genders are alike in all species.

They are neatness freaks of sorts.They will clean their mouth and keep cleaning themselves esp after they’re done eating or scratching or any activity.They will never share food.They are like Joey tribiani when it comes to food.The funniest part is their jumping time.When they are happy they jump on all their 4 feet ,it looks like they are having seizure but they are actually happy.They roll their heads,jump and run keep making continuous chatty noise like they are talking.When the male wants to attract his female,he rumble struts, i.e,he literally dances around her to get her attention.

They are neither smelly,nor messy or noisey.Occassionally I give them baths which they seem to enjoy and cooperate without trying to run or jump.They do get jealous when they see me petting the other one,they start grinding their teeth,you can hear it,its amusing.They make such ideal pets even if you are busy whole day.I leave them in lot of grass and some carrots and cucumber they can keep eating whole day.Its cheap,low maintainance.If you talk to them they will look at your face and pay attention to what you are saying as if trying to figure out.I can go on and all.They are so well-behaved,you dont have to train them for anything.I decided to call them Chumbi and Dumbi and their little ones itti,bitti,titti committee.Naming pets is something i didnt like doing coz i keep calling them with various names.’Tinglie’ is esp a common variety of name that i call all small creatures.They are sensitive and you have to take good care of them.All you have to do is handle them sweetly and gently and they will give you lots of love and attention.I never liked anything cute and sweet before but these sweetpeas are my exceptions,their cuteness and innocence is 100% genuine and heartfelt.They my special darlings and always will be.

Here’s my first video of my Chumbi and Dumbi that I shot for youtube, when i bought them home,enjoy!

dream analysis and superstitions

Sigmund Freud had lot of time in his hands to sit and write volumes on dream analysis.Not too far-sighted was he?Did he ever imagine how busy our lives could get to bother about this hogwash?Dream analysis?seriously?I’d say get a life!I’d rather read the dream analysis of ilks like Steve Jobs,Sam Walton.There dreams were worth analyzing.Dissecting our dreams to take a shape into reality is something else.The first thing in the morning is to stick to the planned schedule for the day and make the most of it instead of remincing what bird,animal,trees in the dreams last night meant.I’m all like rofl for this stuff.Focus is always the simple solution for any problem.Once you pin down that to the top most carefully etched priority in life,I dont think you need no Freud theories to read your subconscious to you.Infact dreams aint always lucid and all about premonition,so why bother?Even if you are gifted with that kind things inside your brain that you can see stuff without being schizophrenic,still..why bother.Unless you are an updated version of Bruce Almighty where -‘you got the power!’.People during the world war times has no choice but spend lot of their times at home.So I guess lot of time equates to unnecessary thinking and thus such redundant theories.Even if they bear some significance..who has time to remember and then sit and analyse and waste time in this futile activity instead of making a head-start to a new day!

The next stage of low self esteem is superstitions.Infact superstition are nothing but a sumtotal of fears,phobias,desperation,irrationality and zero confidence in yourself and zero faith in God!Ekta Kapoor is worth more than 600 crores,she has the right to be superstitious (she thinks),it fetched her that kind of fortune.But how is it being chained in your own abnormal thinking for the sake of earning a fortune.A smart alec would say-I would’nt mind the bargain.’Was Martin Luther King or our very own Kings of the esoteric era superstitious?Was Chanakya superstitious or knowledgable?Why then people write their souls off to astrologers and soothsayers when they themselves choose to lack faith in themselves and the Almighty?.Did Lincoln have access to these superstions and soothsaying?He sure did have access to principles that rebuild a nation and those same principles are something people feel ‘cool’ to mock.Lot of crap inside the mind is your own doom.Always!I believe nobody except you yourself has the right to your own destiny.Period!

Funny doubts when goldenagers learn computers

Okay,When computers started to replace television sets and video games ..instead of feel rendered, the older generation loaths the way we pass/utilize our time even more.Esp that they have no idea as to what computer and internet is as compared to the simplicity of operation tele or radio.A single click on,a single click off and life was simple until the invasion of internet in their lives.For whatever reason they are now compelled to learn basic operation and how things work.

Instance 1:My friend was spending lot of time playing PC games and his mom suddendly barges in and turns off the monitor.With a triumphant feeling,she gushes ‘Now i’ll see how you’ll turn that computer on..’  😛  (ignorance aint bliss,its funny)

Instance 2:Are you attaching youtube?

Me: ????? perplexed and bursting with laughter..

Oldster:dont laugh…just tell me thats the youtube you ppl keep talking about?

Me:ROFL…what is you idea of youtube?(still laughing while typing this)

Oldster:Sometube that you attach to the computer…

Me:fell off the floor(recorded the evergreen humorous incident)

OldesIsnt that black thing attached to your computer youtube?(referring to pendrive)

Me:no,its pendrive,youtube is a website.

Oldester:then why do they call it ‘you’ ‘tube’

Me:its a name for a website,they can name its as they like.

Oldester:still slightly puzzled


Oldster:Now what is this pendrive?

Me:its a storage like you have cd

Oldster:oh…ya,then why is it so small,its not round and big like cd and how do u store?

Me: ya its new and advanced..its better than cd.

Oldster:i dont understand all this,how u ppl keep playing with that stuff,we understand nothing..

Instance 3:

Oldster:what is a website?

Me: its a page on the internet with related info

Oldster:you know the password?


Oldster:my gmail website has a password.

Me:websites dont have is email..

Oldster:this is confusing,then why do they call it gmail if its email and not a website?



Oldster:what are you doing?(after staring at my screen for good 2 mins)


Oldster:I know what blogging is i hear that a lot and i see you are typing…

Me: yes…still focused..

Oldster:I dont know where to look all these websites have so much info..


Oldster:My son can see others photos on his computer

Me: ????that is not possible..

Oldster:yes he can,maybe you dont know,he can open..(referring to FB tagging)

Me:after having a look ..(chuckles)…thats FB tagging..

Oldster:I dont know but we can see others photos on our computers…im wondering  how my son made it is possible(all excited)

Me: numb with laughter..

Instance 5:

Junior:My dad wont install internet…


Junior:Some idiot told him it sends viruses to the families..

Me:laughing at his plight

Junior:pls explain them no such thing happens..

Oldester at juniour’s house:no amma,such things are happening now a days,we must be careful..


Junior:Should i create your fb profile?

His oldster:why do you have to create it?


His Oldster:you are there on the computer,why do u need my profile?

Junior:everybody need a profile

His oldster:just tell them i dont need a profile..

Junior:you cant tell them ..

His oldster:then why are they asking to create a profile…im a councellor,i dont need no profile..

Junior:they are not asking..

His oldster:then why are you asking?dont play tricks with me just coz i dont know,go back to studies and yes,no internet for you.


Me:muahahahahahaha…couldnt stop laughing at all.

I think the best profession in this world is to teach computers to goldenagers.It not only creates good humour but also authentic entertainment.

Lizard phobia

Women hate lizards as much as they hate the other good looking woman..however the chance of hating lizards is quite absolute unless you are the female version of crocodile hunter.I have no qualms about any type of insect in this world,I can easily swat it either with electric bat(mosquitoes) or with chappal(desi-twist).But Lizards,OMG…gives jitters and panic attack.Esp in old houses…I check the celing and walls in the washrooms and behind the doors(favourite place of these stupid lizards to hide).Dunno what fun do they get…oh may be insecurities…their insecurities makes them hide behind doors,esp bathrooms(i think they like to be near water bodies) and they stroll on the floor with brisk speed as if in a race.You just keep wondering what just went by..while you were reading or working with concentration.And then there are those fat lizards,so stubborn no matter how much you sush them with pillow or broom,they will not move an inch.Like they’re competing with sloth.Finally you have to throw some water on them,who will call pest control for one stubborn lizard?Those thin ones have agility and i must say some grace…they run with some style(but i still hate them).And some are opportuinists…the minute they see the window open..boom!they just come inside so shamelessly assuming authority as if it is their aint no house pets..shoo shoo.And some are adventurous,when you shush them they chase you around the house…unless of course you throw some water on them.This solution seems to work regardless of what type of lizard it is..After a long long time I saw this creature nearby and im not too happy to see them…All they do is stick on the Wall…we stick to the FB Wall….now i know from where Facebook is getting their ideas 😛

The Rules I live by

Thou shall always remain a teenager in mind,heart and soul.People compromise with their choices in the name of maturity.If you dont achieve/get what you want,whats the use of living a banal life in the name of  this dufus attribute.Fancy and imagination is what let us fulfill our dreams without being corroded with mental resevations and limitation based on heard and unheard illusion of reality.It has always been impossible to discourage me from doing what interests me regadless of any amount of opposition.My mind for once doesnot doubt the goal and interest it sets upon.I mean,who are these people to decide anything for me at all?Same goes in personally too.What I accept in any relation and is one of the most important prerequisite is mutual respect.Respect to me is more important than Love and will always be.I can never entertain oversmart,i know-it-all kinda people.These are the people I like to keep at bay,last thing i want to deal with is an Ego.”Shoes and Ego outside,please :D”.I’m bestowed with intellectual snobbery in contrast with dumbass vanity.I spit venome at phoneys,wannabes,basically people who dont have an original opinion of their own,I treat them like trash,cant help.Thats me.Spinless people who dont have balls to own up to their word are yet another kind of people who top the list for trash-treatment.I prefer a few genuine amigos to bunch of meaningless aquaintances.I’m glad I havent given into the temptation of accepting people whom i cant relate to inorder to cast away desolation.Rather be an intellectual bore than a partying counterfeit wannabe.I have always been the way I am,whether people like it or not.I dont acetylize myself  to be a part of something I cannot relate to.People who cannot see through my individuality can take a hike.

Traditions?Which piece o trah created all this Sturm und Drang?And we aint educated enough to get our priorities right?We aint educated enough to think for ourselves,what we really want?what we really care about or care for?Instead blindly follow the ho hum presented to us with belieing condiments of well being.Why do we need traditions and customs when you twardy mind is incapable of understanding your fellow human beings.Its sad more than anything else,people find it ‘cool’ to mock genuine feelings thinking they have achieved a new high in their farcical peer group.All people want to do is feign ‘coolness’ instead of sincerely listening to their heart.What are you beneath this layer of  assumed sense of being?Playing possum to ‘real’ values that can actually mean something to an individual.

People in the West have participated in World Wars and have been through bouts of heinous holocausts,unlike us,Indians.Their emotional states vary drastically from us.Yet they resurrect like phoenix giving higher importance to building and innovation,thats what people do when everything is destroyed,they rebuild.We havent faced as many atrocities as they have as a Nation.Why then our emotions are coloured with their notions.Its good and healthy to be silly in love.You can also measure the degree of love you feel for your near and dear with unreasonable irrationality.We do so coz we love sincerely off guard….i say it again ‘off guard’.When you feel so completely comfortable with your loved ones you donot filter what you say,coz you trust that you will not be judged what whatever you say or feel.Infact thats also one of the acid tests to finding who really are your friends,well wishers,cronies by how you feel around someone.Ask yourself.

Regardless of how this world changes its degree of being chaotic,I will not feel ashamed of being silly at times or feeling whatever I feel with utmost sincerity and my efforts towards anything.I donot live by hairbrained rules.Nobody and nothing can rule my mind except my own ideas and my will to understand something that might sometimes be beyond my scope.I donot stop believing in simple joys when bestowed with luxury,nor will I stop believeing in higher ideals,perfection and precision even when surrounded by middling minds.I’d rather change a inutile habit than change my strong faith in good no matter what callous mind tried to fiddle with it only to see a obliterating defeat.I have survived such minds and their actions and only become stronger in my pursuit bringing in more clarity to the choices I make.Neither forgiving nor forgetting the deliberate gaslighting done to my reason and rhyme only to prove their dissembled fiber above reproach.Shame on their pursuits and the devotion and veneration they project towards such a sham without any remorse.False ideologies they live by and expect me to adhere is,you know that most ridiculous expectation from a strong mind.Purists who are so hairbrained and happy in circumventing and dodging that abuse the very religion of truth and wisdom.To them wisdom is fanatically praying to God and abiding by religious rituals without undertanding the essence of faith and freedom of freewill to love.Aint even interesting enough to make me sick!Chained in their own foibles and follies hence unable to bear others sense of freedom.Blimpish simpletons,to hell with ya!!