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Your Grandparents are The Best People That Happen to You

I Love My Grandparents. They are no more. But, those memories of happiness are forever. They teach you fundas of life with a blend of love, and minus the dose of strict self righteousness that is patented to parentology. My maternal grandmother was avant garde. Ahead of her times. She knew flawless English. She loved cricket and Sachin Tendulkar. Highly artistic, she made jewelry, the famous halva ke dagine(worn in Maharastrian Weddings). She read the newspaper and could hold intellectual discussions. Neverthless her taste in selection of colors, clothes, and saris, simply outstanding! What a woman I have always been proud off. She was a highly creative and a talented person. A very patient, enduring, sweet, and a compassionate person, whom I simply can’t stop loving. Nobody could make rotis and the famous ‘Maharastrian Varan’ like she could. My maternal grandfather was a noble man. Simple, sweet, hard working, would never say a word to hurt anyone. They are the best examples and ideals in my life. I don’t need a Richard Brandson or any hot shot’s biography to imbue.

I have had the privilege of experiencing the love and company of my great grandparents too. They were happy, cheerful, dynamic, avant garde people, who exemplified the finer things in life. My great grand mother was an epitome of kindness, compassion, and goodness. Her values about life is something we cannot find in books or parchments. My great grand father was a humorous man. His timing of wit and enthusiasm for life and everything new is hard to find in people of today. They showcased the lives of people who have been through real struggles and honored them through their trust and organization, Vypari Foundation. Educationists true to the core, who define the very definition of ‘Guru’ in its truest sense.

The ideals and principles my grandparents lived by are enough for me to follow for the rest of my life. My paternal grandmother was a dynamic, strict, and highly organized woman. Her sense of understanding relations and life is on par with what you wouldn’t even find in ‘The Secret.’ It’s hard to find people like them in this life, you know. The values they lived by, the gumption they had were so urban, it would put a modern man to shame. She was always up for learning something new. I have such deep admiration for them all, they have left indelible imprints in my subconscious. My paternal grandfather had a great sense of humor, was disciplinarian, sweet, hard working, religious man.

When I look back at these memories, and see the way they lived their lives, facing bitter and bigger challenges, our lives look less challenging and simpler; it works like an epiphany. I love them all, through to the core. Grandparents are special! They are like your guardian angels. Those are the kind of people so full of love and kindness. All of your mischief and rebel is accepted with warmth only to condition you into a better human being.


Science Makes You Stoical and Art makes You Crazy?

Science and artistic fields may seem like oil and water. A balanced left and a right brain can dwell well in both. Steve Jobs is one of the offbeat, extraordinary examples of the left-right brain mix. A shrewd hippie, with a mind for tech, and a taste for aesthetics. Science demands logic. Creativity dwells on the magic you create with your imagination. People who choose science lead practical lives looking like an extension of humanoids. Doesn’t working with logic consistently make you impassive? But, we are human, aren’t we? We live for emotions. Those emotions reflect through family, friends, and people you love.

I think how practical can love get for these folks? They might simply work on parameters and checklists, isn’t it? when it comes to relations. The irony is, these are the kind of people who have stable relations and marriages, compared to the creative souls. Somewhere, deep down, when the practical mind is thinking well, realistically, it makes the other person’s life easy. Isn’t it? We, creative folks, live so deeply, intoxicating our minds with intensity, we give it a crown of madness and chaos, and call it free living. Doesn’t that completely defy the very meaning of free living?

Come to think of, creativity lies in science too. Music and art are made in numbers, format, and structure. Isn’t this the practical side of creativity? When designing smartphones, gadgets, the aesthetics are looked into. Now that, most certainly is the look and feel of a gizmo created with art in mind. So, what’s the facade about? What’s with the snobbery of science? We artists really have to learn to behave ourselves, and not be so open and expressive, expressing ourselves individualistically. But, that takes away the whole point of being a creative person. ‘Expressionism,’ the art of articulating yourself without the stain of pretense. Aren’t there more junkies in artistic fields, and it seems to be the norm? But, doesn’t art require balance too?

Madness and unruliness is not an excuse to be artistic. Likewise, being restrictive and reticent is not synonymous to science. Pragmatism is a feeling too, as long as it does not go to the extremes. It then becomes programmed and manufactured emotion, in its extremes. Sometimes, I feel, why these folks can’t feel so deeply. Because, when practical living seeps in, there is that uncompromising, self righteous, rigidity; and art is about flexibility. This goes to say, you can’t get into science without having a utility based thinking. You can’t get into art without being outrageous sometimes, you are allowed to be vile and offensive, if only there is a deep gumption that turfs out the vile and the sickening roots of conventional wisdom.


The Symphony of Heart

I have never understood no strings attached relations. I wouldn’t even dare to try. Only because emotions feel good. They feel good because they are true. I am old school when it comes to relations. I have always believed in stability of relations. Isn’t that what matters in the long run? Why would you want to waste your time in associations that won’t turn into something meaningful. I belong to the era of millenials, but my heart belongs to an era where real relations were valued and had no interference or influence of the digi world.

It’s funny, when you look around, how these values stay in a penultimate shell. People do not want to believe real relations could exist, and that you are not one of those groupies you ‘chill out’ with. Strange as it seems, your desire to see a few things in black and white get colored by the external world. Those discoordinated colors that people fill just to get a kick out of it, do not realize, they are aching someone’s heart through to the core. Emotions are no fun to experiment. They are either there or ain’t there, there is no mid way in this.

Whether you succeed or you fail, love is all you need to make the journey worthwhile.

Scented Letters

Raptures from the wild clime,                                  

love seasoned as basil-thyme,

mumurs of victimless crime,

being single,happy i’m.

                                  arcane charm,halcyon days,

                                        90’s magic and slambooks,

                                            have switched their place,

                             penning eternal love’s overlooked.

                                                                    cyber woo,

                                                         has a heart of stone,

                                                 fidelity spoofed as home brewed,

                                     Chronicles rendered are well known.

                                                Warm-toned-longing-a real McCoy,

                                         Soul cannot inspirit false implants,

                                               of shammed jump_for_joy,

                                             This ain’t nature’s song and dance.

                                                 Inked in script of emotional virginity,

                                                             off guard moments,

                                                   Miss the burden of vanity,

                                                  Scented Letters were once  lyrical ascents.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Vaishali Adwant

Wrong Role Models

Demagoguery is a sign of an bellicose manipulator who binges on your emotional energy to quench his narcissistic purport.Worldlings get so imbued by this imbecility to the point of blindfolded devotionthat they succeed in commiting crimes and suicides.The belligerent marching in their minds at a early stage where psyche absorbs everything like a sponge.We chose our influences.But sometimes we dont have a choice given to dreary circumstances.Not every earthling has the strength to decide at an unseasoned age.But the denizens of the preambled educational dialect,what do we vouch for?We too pick up and binge our lives on wrong role models.

For instance,how many times have you or your true quondmly seen yourself follow esoteric rituals and

customs without being questioned.How can you have these old-timer models and system be made suitable to your mind and consider them above reproach.We use esoteric,archiac ideaology with regard to relations and life perse and call it the old-school stability.Ever come across old geezers hurting and beating up their wives and children in the name of discipline and order?Ever come across this asshole who justifies his/her behaviour saying ‘spare the rod and spoil the child?’Like it were their legacy or some kind of gospel that they picked up from their peers and sires.What kind of role model have they been espousing that doesnot give freedom of expression within the family circle.Discriminating their own stemma in the name of religious paranoia,disowning them for making their choices.What role models are these golden agers sticking to?Are they blinded to gumption?The same attitude is reflected in relations at work.That is what gives birth to asshole management that jeoperdises your career and slowly poisons your enthusiasm.

Mtv esp is rotting the minds of the young making voyeurism acceptable and giving a wrong impression of professional and personal values through programs such as true life,roadies,splitzville.Making professions such as an escort,stripper look cool and raw.What is a profession that has no dignity and you have to go in the hidden mode just to talk about it.What kind of a hypocrisy is it when a channel talks about being pure and raw and hides the identity of the individual while showcasing their alternative profession.They are probably the worst role models ever to be pickup only by a nincompoop and an indolent mind;so screwed up that you can’t decide right from wrong.When a person cannot decide right from wrong,they are inviting doom.Making vice look otherwise very cool.Every heard a successful world leader preach something like what Mtv and its twin utv bindass bol is trying to advocate?

We are influenced by celebrities and the limelight at some point of time in our lives.However our obsession might just fade with age or contiue till we are rotten and aged.We like to make use of practicality and rationality and its synonyms in our day to day lives,however theres a secret passage that keeps ticking and we subconsciously simulate them.Are these stupendous performance artists good role models?What do we know about their trueselves from what we read in gossip magazines and twitter msgs.Why do you care what is true when their profession is all about ‘acting.’Teens wanting to win beauty paegents and getting a botox is quite alarming.How good are these role models to your life?

I’d say explore yourself and be your own role model.Pick up a thing or two from others successful lives that serves your true purpose.However theres no absolutism in anything.One cannot follow each and anything written in and written about a person’s life or opinions,coz hey..we got our own too?you ought-to follow what you’ve got to follow and decide what makes true sense to you.After you are able to swim through any kind of double bind created by the disingenuous demagougy in the form of a parent,teacher,siblings,leader,ideations in a book or any kind of thought that seems to influence our nous.Filter!thats what we grown-ups do!

Real beauty,just a spur?

India is a marriage frenzy society.Where women are trained from their days juvenile,to…Behave!!Ha!The beauty  is we aint vain enough,even in times modern, to focus on the appreances alone.We need a set of parameters and a checklist of an ideal ‘bahu’;boohooo to that!The distaff  aspirations  get thwarted with archiac myths and how-to-be gospels sung in union by superannuated clan.Like Al Pacino says in Scent of a Woman-‘But there’s nothing like the sight of an amputated spirit.There is no prosthetic for that.’I’d add,not even make-up.Cosmetics cannot hide a dampened spirit.I’m in a profession of beautifying people.I understand beauty of the inner soul as much as i understand the importance of a well groomed appearance.Does the rat-race give people the time to give heed to genuine beauty of a woman that reflects through her inner strength?Inner strength that is versitile,inner strength that is able and capable of equalling challenges with no gender bias and still be be somber and lovable.I believe firmness of a beautiful mind and character has nothing to do with being insensitive or ignoring emotions in the name of being a tough-nut.A woman has the beauty of strength to display these array of qualities which  are both contrary and orphic.The beauty of a woman lies in her paradoxical nature.

Women have  inspirated men of the past and today to elevate  monuments and create music in their names joying eternal love.Is real beauty just a spur?Or is there more to it that meets the eye?How does a man transform his feelings from lust to loving a women head-over heels for a lifetime,is where the beauty of a woman really lies.In her unruffled discernments.Sure there’s a flip side to ever silver lining.We demand-full attention and suck on love and such things.But imagine a world of high pragmatism that is based on logic and reasoning alone.How long can you live with it?Dont you need emotions?The beauty of a women is in her expression of love.Something that makes the world go round.Can you really go about your life without loving someone and still be okay?In modern times these,we women try to accustom to men’s demands to such an extent that we search for the veil of prosaic pragmatism in order to save ourselves from being type-casted.People,even women go to the extent of hiding their emotional nature for the fear of appearing vulnerable.I say,whats wrong with that.Are we programmed machines?Why not celebrate being a human being by showing some emotion,and why not,we are gifted with understanding emotions to the point of its complexity.Why are we ‘supposed to be a certain way’ to be acceptable to the other gender.Wheres the beauty if you aint loved for who you really are?How will you ever get what you want if you aint comfortable being your true self for the fear of being left-out?Wheres the beauty in making ‘adjustments’ and ‘compromises’.Are we sissies?I bet we aint.

We can get what we want if we ‘really’ want to.How badly do you want whatever you want.For instance,freedom.Are women free from being stereotyped.Are they free from being moral-policed.A time a you have been dumped coz you were prolly a tough competition and fiercely independant.A time when you were ‘supposed to’ do as being told.A time when you have been labelled and judged coz you like sci-fi movies and robots and pc games  unlike other gooey-girls who like pink dolls and make-up.Have you ever sensed the beauty of freedom amongst this obdurate sensless torture.The beauty of a woman lies in her strength to swim across these awakard pedicaments and yet inspire a hell lot.We have examples in our history,dont we?

Real beauty aint just a spur.Real beauty is the strength of a paradox that lies in the freedom of a spirit that bruised itself yet doesnt give up and aint bitter.Something thats more than an inspiration, an appreciation and a bequest that such a thing exists for us to awe and nourish.To blush and folly for,to learn and unlearn and never stop to yearn.

however few ladies in the west have crossed all boundries.Injecting their 8-year old babies with botox injections in the hope of sending them to beauty paegents is not just lame but a terrible crime in my eyes.Little girls,do they really deserve to be needled in a age where tenderness ought to be nourished.This is obession with glamour-which is sometimes an evil twin of beauty that gets taken too far.

Beauty of a women aint just inspirational,it’s tranformational.

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