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In The Bosom Of Newness

no blanket of starry nights, 

and I sleep in the bosoms of the void,

with the hope sun will shine brighter,

blazing rays and better insights.
autonomous in my nous,
chasing the wild goose, 
coming to a standstill,
smelling the new dew on the sill.
arms wide open to welcome the unknown,
and no way to tell…
how did begin the marching sojourn,
propelling through the siren bell.
no vacancy for darkness, no more,
elfin ray of hope knocking at the door,
padlocked for eons,
rising indefinitely,
Open wounds all sewn.
Depth sired the unfrequented,
only connecting the dots,
leading to the ceaseless knots,
untangling and doctoring the dented. 
looking through the nameless paths,
It could bring a smile or a wrath,
Taking deep breath, every step,
Soul promises are to be kept.


Every Night In Moondust -Emerald Falls Series -Chapter 4

Tuliptwigs and Ember Moondust, return to their home in Moondust Startwhirl, a part of Emerald Falls. Watching the moonlit night, Tuliptwigs finds solace in the arms of Ember, trying to forget mayhem and chaos. Her wounded emotions of having lost and found Ember in the quagmire of Red Whirl still give jitters to her soul. She does not want to lose Ember ever. The next day, during the beautiful dawn, Tuliptwigs finds a key on her ornate table, next to the window. It is from Stella Honey leaf, sister of Ember. She loves Tuliptwigs and lives with mermaids in an archipelago nearby.

As Tuliptwigs goes about her day, the magical mirror in her bedroom shows her a blurred vision of Red Whirl, like something was missing. After having a careful look into the mirror, Tuliptwigs  sees a pair of socks that belong to Ember. They have shimmering stars and moon-dust that turned the quagmire into a meadow. Ember had forgotten to take them back. Tuliptwigs is scared if Faun will find a way back to Emerald Falls using Embers sock and its fragrance. It has essence of snapdragons that Tuliptwigs does not want Faun to get a hang on.

She is worried, but does not tell anything to Ember. He returns home in the evening after all days work at the Emerald Falls. As they are talking, Tuliptwigs hears the tune Faun used to often play on his piano. Horrified, she runs to the windows, watching birds falls, the sky turn orange and then red. She tells about it to Ember and they run to the meadows to watch the flowers turn brown, and the water drying up from the waterfalls. All the emeralds are turning in hot burning coals.

They have to take an immediate step before everything turns into a gothic land just like the one in the Red Whirl. They go to their backyard and then into the winery. In the barrels, are magical grapefruits in smooth purple, glimmering with a beautiful scent. They pick bottles of the magical wine and go to the meadows, it is dusk already, and the sun is setting. They sprinkle the wine in the meadows and save it from turning brown. Tuliptwigs is worried about Embers life as she stars seeing his hair turn pale, like it is losing its vitality.

She makes a potion from snapdragons and applies to the eyes and forehead of Ember to make him invisible to Faun. The next day, they use the magical purple wine and sprinkle it on the hot coals, they turn to Pink tourmaline. Ember is unsure what it means to the land of Emeralds. Strange birds start coming into the meadows. He is unsure from which land they belong, they sing a song with words from a different world. They are giving a message to Ember. He senses imminent danger.

Elysians, the habitats of Emerald Falls go to the meadows with potions from the winery to enliven the magical flowers and plants. They sing and dance for crystal rains that bring along with them magical light that clears the brown debris and creates a new soil. The strange birds infest his home and make it difficult for him to find the moondust. They are after the moondust, which is the essence of Emerald Falls, that keeps it alive and magical.

Tuliptwigs removes a stand of her hair and sets it to fire to scare off the strange birds. Ember and Tuliptwigs now have to save the land with all the beauty in their soul and music of the land. As Ember starts composing the tune of resurruction, it starts to decipher the true shape of the strange birds. They turn to flying reptiles blazing fires. They are unable to cross Emerald Falls and turn to Pink tourmalines. The next day, Elysians collect all the pink tourmaline and give it a sacred goodbye as to not offened the fire blazing snakes.

They go back to Red Whirl. Ember is happy that they can now live happily ever after in Moondust. In the sweetness of having found each other, Tuliptwigs is finally at peace thinking all of Fauns smoke is gone and she never has to think about him again. Days go by singing, making potions, nurturing the Elysians, but there is a vacuum in the heart of Tuliptwigs. She misses home in Lakewoodshire. She remembers Misha and her two brothers, wondering if they even remember her. All her emotions and fears are put to rest with Ember by her side, loving her endlessly, soothing her scars with his unconditional love.

And one day, as she is in the meadows, feeding the birds with pink and purple flumes, she hears the tune of Faun…as she is alone in the meadows with not an Elysian in the sight. Where is Ember? Will she be able to go back to Moondust by dusk?


Finding Happiness In Quarantine Time

Life hit a pause button across the globe to let us realise the value of minimalism. There’s happiness to be with your loved ones. When the world is compelled to work from home, it has created a joy, a reason to bond finding no excuses as you work from home.

Staying away from office politics, working in peace can only increase productivity, making corporates restructure their work culture. Less traffic, better environment, and meaningful bonds.

We have found happiness in caring and conserving resources. A primitive lifestyle in urban times lets you use resources, technology, information, and valuables with caution.

There is harmony when your mind is adjusted to a healthy lifestyle; people of all ages have less to complain about. We as a human race are looking forward to spirituality.

Time you spend with your kids is priceless. Conversations, laughter, and bonds only get stronger when you are privileged to have all time in your life to talk and spend time with them.

Those living with parents have a chance to make them feel loved in their old age. Conversations from children is priceless for older parents. Happiness comes in these moments that create indelible memories and joy people carry forward to each day.

Those living alone have a gamut of things to do and enjoy the freedom, reflect in solitude, and make the best use of this phase to stay fit, unperturbed.

Life is not easy, especially, for daily wagers. Happiness is doing your bit and paying it forward in whatever way you can to let others go by. There is more happiness in giving and letting people find joy in their day to day lives.

There is no secret to happiness, no deep philosophy. Good feelings beget good thinking. When we understand the burden of excess we have been carrying is leading to nowhere, we can rollback to minimalism and be more giving.

Did you ever think that sunrise could be so beautiful and the night sky clear with twinkling stars. Days of yonder in adulthood keep our spirits upbeat letting us connect with our souls and feed it with meaningful moments.

Taking a morning walk is still a joy because you now breathe better quality of air. Amidst all the chaos, we had the chance to find love for ourselves and those who bring meaning to us sharing joy, compassion, and paying it forward.

This blend of primitive meets urban is a new beginning in our thoughts and actions. We are in a phase that is making us think and question the purpose of our existence lost in the bygone of excess.

Availability is a valuable commodity; availablity of resources, loved ones, the time we use, and not a thing we overlook anymore. We have learned the happiness of conservation. In this available time, life is giving us a chance to foster beautiful emotions and finding happiness in every moment we can.

The Dark Woods of Red Whirl- 3- Emerald Falls series by me

isha is back at Lakeswoodshire, happy with her kids and grandchildren. She is thankful that Tuliptwigs saved them all. She regrets her harshness towards her and welcomes her presence in her life.

Tuliptwigs is searching for her husband in the deep forest. She encounters a white wolf howling. She follows the white wolf leading to a quagmire. She is about to step on it, an eagle with a golden beak picks her up and drops her at a great distance.

She is unconscious, laying on the ground. The eagle with a golden beak is watching over her, perched on an aeon old banayan tree. She wakes up in a few hours, viewing a faint light at a distance.

Thirsty, she drinks water from the nearby lake. As she keeps walking, she has visions. Her mind is hallucinating. She sees her husband crying for help in a quagmire.

Helpless, she keeps walking, worried how to find him. She sees a home at a distance covered with tree roots. This is the same home where Misha lived. She enters the home. She smells snapdragons. She remembers Edna using them to decorate home.

She is in tears of joy and sadness alike thinking she could find her mother. What if she were never dead at all? But how could she find her and where is Ember?

It’s daytime, she steps outside and views the red sky. She keeps walking, not knowing where to find them. Tired, she takes rest under a tree and falls asleep.

She wakes up when she hears buzzing of bees. She finds the ring of her father. She starts digging the site to find an old parchment that has a map and a gadget with coordinates.

She follows the map and locates a place named Islandgust. This is a queer place where birds with blue plumes talk. As they watch her, they are dropping green strawberries. She is hungry. She picks up those fruits and eats them.

She can hears the bird say ‘ Edna le fruit.’ They are surrounding her dropping fruits and trinklets. The trinklets have her mother’s and father’s name, Edna and Edward.

She sees a large, black castle from a distance. This is where she lived with Faun. Birds warn her from visiting the castle. She is headed towards thinking she could find Edna and Ember.

She reaches the underground that opens with a creeky door. She sees black smoke coming out. The green strawberries change to half lion, half eagle creatures and eat the black smoke.

They battle dark creatures in the castle as Tuliptwigs runs further to see if she can find her mother. She sees symbols drawn on a trunk. She tries to open the trunk but it stays padlocked. She turns the trunk around to see the words Edward etched on them.

She places the trinklets named Edward onto the markings and the trinklet opens. She sees a vision inside the trunk that her father is alive, tied to ropes, surrounded by black clocked creatures.

She knows immediately that this is the study of Faun. She finds a secret staircase to his study and is shocked to find her father alive surrounded by creatures, they are waiting for Fauns arrival.

Faun is dead, Ember killed him. She has trinklets and fruits. She goes to the kitchen, makes a juice from the fruits and sprinkles them on the study floor. The creatures disappear. Black smoke is filling the place. She unties her father and releases him from Fauns evil clutches.

The smoke eating bird introduces himself as, Rumblefoot. He helps them both escape from the dark castle and drops them at the place where Misha lived. Edwards foot falls on the button and he goes back to Lakeswoodshire. Rumblefoot disappears. Tuliptwigs still has to find Edna and Ember.

As the night falls, there are heavy firestorms. A catastrophy waiting to happen. There is a knock on the door. This is Edna’s brother. He tells her all that happened. They wait for days for the firestorms to subside. As the moon disappears, they set their journey in the deep woods.

He brings her snapdragons that keep them alive and makes them invisible to dark creatures. They reach the dark castle of Faun. They open a door in his study which leads to a quagmire. Tuliptwigs finds Embers ring floating atop the quagmire. She is crying in pain.

Edna’s brother is consoling her. As they explore Fauns castle, they find an avenue in his backyard where lays a golden pouch of moondust.

Tuliptwigs is convinced that Ember could be around somewhere. They search the backyard to find some more queues. They see petals of lavender and purple tulips sweeping the floor. Tuliptwigs has tears of joy as she is convinced that Ember could be alive.

They find an underground winery. An old woman is seen making wine. The wooden barrels smell aweful. The woman is screaming words and shooing them. They hold the snapdragons and become invisible to her.

They search the winery and find Ember lying on the floor soaked in wet earth. Tuliptwigs sprinkles moondust and they go back to Emerald Falls.

The Disappearance Of Misha Thunderwood- 2- Emerald Falls series by me

Misha, step mother of Tuliptwigs disappears from her home after the incident. Deep in the woods of Red Whirl, is an old home, surrounded with overgrown trees with hanging roots.Dreary place with red sky, where night becomes day and has neverending rythmn of siren songs.Misha is forever young, living along in the woods, waiting over a time that people forgot. Her home in Lakewoodshire has been vacant for many years. Dorian and Jade stay there now. Her heart burning with anguish and choler. She only got younger over time.She has only one vistor over many decades. A young man who comes to deliver her a basket of blue snapdragons, magical flowers that keep her young.One day, as Dorian and Jade go about their routine life, married with kids, strange catcalls rattle the place into ramshackles. As they return home, they are horrified to witness the disorder.Worried that Tuliptwigs might be around, they are vigilant. They see shadows of a well dressed man in the night disappear in the carriage.Dorian is worried if a gothic legend their grandfather always spoke about could be real. He frantically runs through old parchments that depict the details of this figure. Dorian’s father, Edward Thunderwood was an archeologist who explored ancient sites.In one of his excavations was found a man lying in his grave over more than a century. Strange occurances were noted over this site and Edward died in mysterious circumstances known only to Misha.Misha had grown sullen over his death and would often take it out on Tuliptwigs, daughter of Edward and his first wife Edna. Her innocence rattled her as Misha had sinister growing inside her, unaware.Dorian and Jade recollect a mysterious figure visit Misha often post their father’s death but nothing was made known to them. Over years they have been going about their lives forgetting what had happened.That night, as the clock turned 2, there are knocks on Dorian’s bedroom door. He sees a shadow lurking at his door. Scared and curious he moves towards the door. As he opens it, he sees a figure of a well dressed man smoking a cigar, bloodstains on his hand. He disappears in a jiffy without a word.Edward was once exploring a gothic site in Transalvania in a deep forest known to be cursed. Within a month of returning home, he dies in strange circumstances. He would often complain to Misha about hearing noise of bees and was found dead with bees swarming over his body.This mysterious figure followed Tuliptwigs and married her as a young Faun Oakwood, before she flee to Emerald Falls. Curse followed it’s footsteps to the Thunderwood family, unknown to them.Bad occurances happen in their household like a bad habit. Cleansing home from an archdiocese in their local church doesn’t seem to subdue the ill fate.distressed they remember Tuliptwigs, and see sparkling moondust fall in their window. They remember making fun it destroying dolls of Tuliptwigs. They don’t know to feel solace or worried looking at it. Is it to protect them or destroy them? Is Tuliptwigs back? They panic and regret having troubled her.The mysterious figure stops visting them as long as sparkling moondust stays in the window. Over a fortnight, on a full moon day, there is heavy knocking and howling inside their home.Jade was always fond of Tuliptwigs and would often miss her.He takes away his kids leaving them terrified and poignant.Inside the woods of Red Whirl, Misha hears sudden cries of kids tied to a tree next to a deep fire pit.A mysterious man with red eyes is preparing potions.Misha is terrified and runs back to her home. She has been locked in for decades when she entered a portal of time as smoke engulfed her from the incident.The man who visits her is brother of Edna, who was thrown in the same portal after the death of Edna. He finds magical snapdragons far away from these mysterious woods and runs back to give it to her. She tells her about this man when he reveals to her the story of her husband’s death.The mysterious man killed Edna to get magical potions from Tuliptwigs.Tuliptwigs birth brought them happiness and riches. She was a special child who was often visited by fairies. Faun would take away potions from her perfumes as they were gifts from fairies, and create exilirs that kept him alive.Their quest is to go beyond the Snapdragon garden and find Emerald Falls. The mysterious man is heading towards their home as they lay unconscious holding snapdragons.Misha’s hand falls on the floor that has a button, taking them back to Lakewoodshire. She is overjoyed to see her children, Dorian and Jade.She comes to know the mysterious man has taken away their children.She doesn’t know how to go back to Red Whirl and rescue them.They all together search for the time portal at their home to get back the children. A photo of Tuliptwigs hanging in her room falls on the floor and breaks.They all rush to her room after they hear the noise.They find a small cabinet, trinklets, and a perfume bottle in the cabinet on top of which the photo frame hanged.Curious, Misha takes them out and smells the perfume. All of a sudden, they hear the children scream. She tries to search the cabinet to find an old letter with the words ‘Emerald Falls.’She asks Dorian and Jade if Tuliptwigs ever mentioned ‘Emerald Falls.’Dorian sprays the perfume and Jade disappears. He wakes up in the meadows and hears laughter, murmurs, and beautiful songs. He is happy to see Tuliptwigs and narrates to her all that happened.She asks him about the perfume and trinklets. At once they all reach Lakewoodshire. Misha is unhappy to see Tuliptwigs. She takes them to the portal that lets them all enter the dark woods of Red Whirl.They are searching for their children. Faun senses presence of Tuliptwigs.There is a firestorm stopping them from reaching their children. Tuliptwigs drops trinklets and scatters Moondust. All stops at once. She hears the voice of Edna and runs towards it.Her husband, Ember stops her as he recognises it is Faun tricking her to get the perfume. As they are in search of kids, Ember finds feathers indicating a path. He follows the path to the cursed forest and the open grave.There lay Faun, pale, with sinister eyes. As he catches the glimpse, Moondust falls on the grave from his jacket and burns faun in flames.The fire inside the pit stops and kids are undone from the rope.Everybody reaches the site holding hands. Misha, Dorian, Jade and kids return to Lakewoodshire.Tuliptwigs is searching for Ember in the dark woods of Red Whirl.

A Quaint Evening In Bustling Mumbai


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Pics from the place I visited in Mumbai

Juxtaposing to the busy life of Mumbai is this scenic place, a quaint cosmos altogether with lush green and all hues of nature. I stumbled upon it being a nature lover, I love all picturesque places, the solitude, and the quiet they offer. A mini fantasy land which caught my fancy as I was walking by. The earthiness of cobblestone street, the rustic seating, an avalanche of nature in all colors, filled my mind with a landscape of imagination to pen down some stories. A place that put all of my tumult to rest. It reminded me the philosophical side of life we tend to ignore quite often. What beauty, serenity, and harmony does to your subconscious mind, and the easy fix to clear your head if taking a long walk on the beach is not in the vicinity.

Nature mother is the most potent medium to answers to lot of complexities of life. In the serene and harmony I sit and watch the beautiful drizzle which wet the cobblestone pathways, glistened the rustic rooftops, and dressed the leaves and foliage making them blush. There are many more green pastures in Mumbai to explore for those who love solitude and inner peace. This place is a sanctum of serenity and harmony. I personally believe, you cannot pass a single day fruitfully without feeling inner peace. Inner engineering, a path to abundance you feel from within and live life mindfully.

Mindfulness is what nature teaches you. Stillness is not a programmed practice, but what you start to experience when you explore the nuances and tranquility nature offers you. It sets in with every tryst of nature making you want to look at the beautiful side of life you can consciously choose to look at and imbue. You can a choice to drain yourself with anger, anguish, painful emotions, or flush them away looking at all the wonderful things in life that are there sitting right in front of you to explore and take a cue from.

In the manicured greenery I was feeling still. A kind of stillness that is essential to practice daily and feel one with the universe. Everyday is a journey into mindfulness, the quaintness, the stillness you can choose to imbue to find more meaning in everything you do. There is more to Mumbai than street shopping, nightlife, and Bollywood. You can rediscover yourself strolling through these quaint pastures at your own pace and bask in the serenity.


Celtic Fantasy And Rock

Don’t you just love the dreamy music that takes your soul to the other worlds and realms? A place where there is no scope for impurity or negative emotions? A place full of love, compassion, and limitless euphoria. I have always explored music lifelong and this has been one of my favorite genres.

Celebrate the spirit of dream music with Celtic fantasy that makes you fall in love with fairy tale romance and love stories. A music genre that wants you to believe in the knight in the shining Armour who comes to rescue you from all the bad and evil.

Have you ever explored your emotions enough to want for deep love that is willing to battle anything and be with the one and only who can love you through the beauty and the chaos?

Your Grandparents are The Best People That Happen to You

I Love My Grandparents. They are no more. But, those memories of happiness are forever. They teach you fundas of life with a blend of love, and minus the dose of strict self righteousness that is patented to parentology. My maternal grandmother was avant garde. Ahead of her times. She knew flawless English. She loved cricket and Sachin Tendulkar. Highly artistic, she made jewelry, the famous halva ke dagine(worn in Maharastrian Weddings). She read the newspaper and could hold intellectual discussions. Neverthless her taste in selection of colors, clothes, and saris, simply outstanding! What a woman I have always been proud off. She was a highly creative and a talented person. A very patient, enduring, sweet, and a compassionate person, whom I simply can’t stop loving. Nobody could make rotis and the famous ‘Maharastrian Varan’ like she could. My maternal grandfather was a noble man. Simple, sweet, hard working, would never say a word to hurt anyone. They are the best examples and ideals in my life. I don’t need a Richard Brandson or any hot shot’s biography to imbue.

I have had the privilege of experiencing the love and company of my great grandparents too. They were happy, cheerful, dynamic, avant garde people, who exemplified the finer things in life. My great grand mother was an epitome of kindness, compassion, and goodness. Her values about life is something we cannot find in books or parchments. My great grand father was a humorous man. His timing of wit and enthusiasm for life and everything new is hard to find in people of today. They showcased the lives of people who have been through real struggles and honored them through their trust and organization, Vypari Foundation. Educationists true to the core, who define the very definition of ‘Guru’ in its truest sense.

The ideals and principles my grandparents lived by are enough for me to follow for the rest of my life. My paternal grandmother was a dynamic, strict, and highly organized woman. Her sense of understanding relations and life is on par with what you wouldn’t even find in ‘The Secret.’ It’s hard to find people like them in this life, you know. The values they lived by, the gumption they had were so urban, it would put a modern man to shame. She was always up for learning something new. I have such deep admiration for them all, they have left indelible imprints in my subconscious. My paternal grandfather had a great sense of humor, was disciplinarian, sweet, hard working, religious man.

When I look back at these memories, and see the way they lived their lives, facing bitter and bigger challenges, our lives look less challenging and simpler; it works like an epiphany. I love them all, through to the core. Grandparents are special! They are like your guardian angels. Those are the kind of people so full of love and kindness. All of your mischief and rebel is accepted with warmth only to condition you into a better human being.

Science Makes You Stoical and Art makes You Crazy?

Science and artistic fields may seem like oil and water. A balanced left and a right brain can dwell well in both. Steve Jobs is one of the offbeat, extraordinary examples of the left-right brain mix. A shrewd hippie, with a mind for tech, and a taste for aesthetics. Science demands logic. Creativity dwells on the magic you create with your imagination. People who choose science lead practical lives looking like an extension of humanoids. Doesn’t working with logic consistently make you impassive? But, we are human, aren’t we? We live for emotions. Those emotions reflect through family, friends, and people you love.

I think how practical can love get for these folks? They might simply work on parameters and checklists, isn’t it? when it comes to relations. The irony is, these are the kind of people who have stable relations and marriages, compared to the creative souls. Somewhere, deep down, when the practical mind is thinking well, realistically, it makes the other person’s life easy. Isn’t it? We, creative folks, live so deeply, intoxicating our minds with intensity, we give it a crown of madness and chaos, and call it free living. Doesn’t that completely defy the very meaning of free living?

Come to think of, creativity lies in science too. Music and art are made in numbers, format, and structure. Isn’t this the practical side of creativity? When designing smartphones, gadgets, the aesthetics are looked into. Now that, most certainly is the look and feel of a gizmo created with art in mind. So, what’s the facade about? What’s with the snobbery of science? We artists really have to learn to behave ourselves, and not be so open and expressive, expressing ourselves individualistically. But, that takes away the whole point of being a creative person. ‘Expressionism,’ the art of articulating yourself without the stain of pretense. Aren’t there more junkies in artistic fields, and it seems to be the norm? But, doesn’t art require balance too?

Madness and unruliness is not an excuse to be artistic. Likewise, being restrictive and reticent is not synonymous to science. Pragmatism is a feeling too, as long as it does not go to the extremes. It then becomes programmed and manufactured emotion, in its extremes. Sometimes, I feel, why these folks can’t feel so deeply. Because, when practical living seeps in, there is that uncompromising, self righteous, rigidity; and art is about flexibility. This goes to say, you can’t get into science without having a utility based thinking. You can’t get into art without being outrageous sometimes, you are allowed to be vile and offensive, if only there is a deep gumption that turfs out the vile and the sickening roots of conventional wisdom.


The Symphony of Heart

I have never understood no strings attached relations. I wouldn’t even dare to try. Only because emotions feel good. They feel good because they are true. I am old school when it comes to relations. I have always believed in stability of relations. Isn’t that what matters in the long run? Why would you want to waste your time in associations that won’t turn into something meaningful. I belong to the era of millenials, but my heart belongs to an era where real relations were valued and had no interference or influence of the digi world.

It’s funny, when you look around, how these values stay in a penultimate shell. People do not want to believe real relations could exist, and that you are not one of those groupies you ‘chill out’ with. Strange as it seems, your desire to see a few things in black and white get colored by the external world. Those discoordinated colors that people fill just to get a kick out of it, do not realize, they are aching someone’s heart through to the core. Emotions are no fun to experiment. They are either there or ain’t there, there is no mid way in this.

Whether you succeed or you fail, love is all you need to make the journey worthwhile.