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How Green Roofing Systems Can Protect Mumbai and Weatherproof From Mumbai Rains

Green Roofing Lasts for More Than 50 Years and is a Long Term Effective Solutions for Mumbai Rains 

Mumbai rains are world famous in India. This year, 29th August 2017, Mumbai had experienced a problem similar to Houston. Flooding and walking in murky water can lead to several infections and ailments. Downpour and water clogging is the severe problem that cannot be resolved over night. However, implementing easy and highly effective solutions like green roofing for all residential commercial building, old and new, helps in increasing vegetation and weatherproofs buildings, while utilizing rainwater that prevents water clogging. It is also effective in maintaining the drainage systems and manage the run off water from continuous downpour.

Hello, Mumbaikars, do not blame the BMC or Government for everything. Green roofing systems are DIY solutions that you can implement and keep the vegetation high and resolve all the water clogging and drainage problems while also protecting the buildings, new and old during all weather conditions.

I have been reading and writing about green roofing over some time, and though, why is Mumbai lagging behind in implementing this idea…it solves all the Mumbai rains 2017 problems, like, for ever!! Green roofing lasts for more than 50 years once implemented.

Here are umpteen advantages of implementing Green roofing systems with the help of professionals

  1. Absorbs rain water and prevents flooding.

  2. Cost effective, easy to implement solution. 

  3. It reduces waste water as rainwater is used to process vegetation and other utilities.
  4. It keeps the temperature of the buildings at optimal levels in all seasons.
  5. Mumbai, which experiences heavy rains can be highly benefited by this system.
  6. Makes Mumbai greener and Eco friendly.
  7. Better landscaping options for all types of buildings.
  8. Making unused space to good use.
  9. Keeps the roofs clean and protects the buildings from water clogging and drainage problems.
  10. Extends the life of the buildings by weather proofing it.
  11. Acts as a sound proof shield and cuts down the outside noise.
  12. It also improves the quality of air and enhances the quality of life.
  13. Naturally resists fire.
  14. Does not allow water to retain within the buildings and prevents water clogging on the ground as well.


There are umpteen benefits of green roofing. There are many DIY green roofing systems that can be built which can permanently help resolve the problems with Mumbai rains and flooding.



5 Wise Risks Independent Women Take in Life

Women do not need empowerment if they follow their instincts and waive the habit of second-guessing their hunch. “Directness in action,” ain’t a virile attribute anymore. When they start thinking for their own needs, without being a martyr, they exemplify being the stronger gender.

Being guided by intuition

Did you ever have a hunch about something and you dismissed it by rationalizing it? Did you feel better when you chose to survey your perceptions? It felt right, didn’t it, being guided by intuition? That is one of the risks we dare to take without being skeptical about it. When we work on what feels right and take action, that is when we emerge from being a cliche.

“Taking action,” is not a manful propriety. It is a bold chance independent women take as a result of having strong conviction. When autonomy becomes your sole prerogative, it gives women lesser odds of permitting smacks of abuse of any kind.

Being assertive

Assertiveness comes from a mere ability to say ‘No.’ A firm, polite, ‘No,’ to matters that do not coincide with your principles, beliefs or gumption. Women often feel guilty to upset anyone and sacrifice their chance to stand up for themselves. This lack of self-assurance is a gateway of being abused, deepening further into a web of emotional traps.

Assertiveness saves you from being sent on guilt-trips and vain vacations. This quality guards you against dissembling and manipulative people. When you listen to your gut, and assert yourself in any situation, you radiate into a stronger person.

Being directed by emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is our will to analyse our feelings from a neutral standpoint. That way, we are neither being biased nor wallowed into self-pity. By thinking of solutions, to improve us internally, and learn to give life a fair chance without being dramatic.

It is a way of life that is bound to transform us into someone better, eventually. It makes our judgement sound and our wisdom solid.

It helps us positively. It helps us weigh situations fairly. Having emotional intelligence does not make us hard-hearted but rather compassionate. It helps us take care of ourselves, both, internally and externally. It helps us create balance in ourselves and our relations by positively moulding our emotions.

Speaking your mind

There is more honesty in straightforwardness than diplomacy and white lies. While being brutally honest might not be considered kind, sugar-coating even grievous issues gives the impression of being a pretender or being feeble-minded.

Either ways, it does not resolve any conflicts and bring well-founded solutions. Being assertive is speaking your mind in a way that is not offensive and at the same time honest.

Sometimes there are situations where you have to do a little more than speaking your mind, be bold and take the bull by its horns!

Being bold and adventurous

Wearing what you want, pursuing what you like without giving heed to what anyone else thinks is being bold and adventurous. It’s a conviction and faith in your choices you make without the need of affirmations.

Sometimes people enjoy dragging you down only because they fail to venture and explore themselves. They will try to put you in the vas of a stereotype. But, you know yourself too well to let it affect you.

Women who take these risks at the cost of being labelled and still stay strong in their conviction are true examples of independent women. She could be a housewife, a waiter or a Ceo. Independent women are not synonymous to being financially independent alone but to think on your feet and think for yourself at any point of time, in any given situation.

5 wise risks independent women take in life. Being independent does not always mean financial independence. It means taking charge of your own life in order to make firm, reasonable decisions. Whether you are working or not, nobody can take the autonomy away from you. Nobody can validate you, except you!

Ring the bell-ding dong!!

Its says be a part of the change and tell us,how you will Ring the bell-I’m tempted to say ding dong or tring on the serious note-just ring the bell and run away.Okay now,seriously speaking seriously.. :p okay,im more sticking out da tongue..  😛 ..okay,hmm..sush brain,this is a serio..USsss post…

I would like to tell all those people who can read,please stop getting influenced on the ‘bhartiya nari’ concept watching those ‘mindeating’ soap-operas,you could watch operas and feel the essence of beautiful emotions that enhance your respect and understanding of women esp when you use it as an excuse to woo-women.

no,but really,im serious!

keeping a serious face and controlling my grin–bah bah my jaws are aching …

Please DONOT teach the women in your homes-daughter,sister,wife(of couse in case of wife i know you will cringe on my request,okay,u could do it with caution) to be submissive or docile.Because they are so used to being submissive and your constant reinforcements about the same made them condition themselves that thats how they are suppose to react,they will stand confused to situations of molestation or any such atrocities.TEACH THEM THE VALUE OF BEING KICKASS!!! SERIOUSLY-NO KIDDING.please do for your own sanity and their safety.

Encourage women to speak their mind and not be coy and be passive-aggressive.This will strengthen their conviction.

Atrocities that happen not only physically wound a womens body but also her spirit tell her outrageously that she is weak when she is in reality the corner stone of every aspect of a man’s life at every stage!

My humble request to all family members change your very basic perception about what a women is and give her independance that makes her esteem grow stronger and think for her self.Karate and kung fu are not the only solution.Change your mind set about how you treat a women and make the men in your family know about the limitation of content they can have with women they meet in their day-to-day life!

hope my humour also did instill a deep-rooted usher for a brand new change making you open to simple perceptions.Please do try,it aint that difficult.

Toh sathiyoon revolution ki ghanti bajao–

Currency notes or post-its?

People in india are such literary geniuses that they dont even spare the currency notes from their authorship.From crazy poems to shopping list items,names of lovers with heart shapes in blue ink;you find it all on the currency notes.Dont we have any respect for money?Not only is it wrong to do that RBI cannot use such notes for official transcations and thousands of crores of rupees are thus wasted.We educate people about family planning,career councelling.We should have a digital notice board of sorts in every city and town which can spread such awareness so that people can read such important stuff while commuting.if you want an outlet in writing theres this massive thing on internet called-blogging!and available in all languages.Since people can write,they most certainly can blog as well.They’d rather convert their passion for writing a rather fruitful activity and show respect towards currency notes.have handy organizer for shopping,grocery list etc instead of wasting it on folding money.

Wrong Role Models

Demagoguery is a sign of an bellicose manipulator who binges on your emotional energy to quench his narcissistic purport.Worldlings get so imbued by this imbecility to the point of blindfolded devotionthat they succeed in commiting crimes and suicides.The belligerent marching in their minds at a early stage where psyche absorbs everything like a sponge.We chose our influences.But sometimes we dont have a choice given to dreary circumstances.Not every earthling has the strength to decide at an unseasoned age.But the denizens of the preambled educational dialect,what do we vouch for?We too pick up and binge our lives on wrong role models.

For instance,how many times have you or your true quondmly seen yourself follow esoteric rituals and

customs without being questioned.How can you have these old-timer models and system be made suitable to your mind and consider them above reproach.We use esoteric,archiac ideaology with regard to relations and life perse and call it the old-school stability.Ever come across old geezers hurting and beating up their wives and children in the name of discipline and order?Ever come across this asshole who justifies his/her behaviour saying ‘spare the rod and spoil the child?’Like it were their legacy or some kind of gospel that they picked up from their peers and sires.What kind of role model have they been espousing that doesnot give freedom of expression within the family circle.Discriminating their own stemma in the name of religious paranoia,disowning them for making their choices.What role models are these golden agers sticking to?Are they blinded to gumption?The same attitude is reflected in relations at work.That is what gives birth to asshole management that jeoperdises your career and slowly poisons your enthusiasm.

Mtv esp is rotting the minds of the young making voyeurism acceptable and giving a wrong impression of professional and personal values through programs such as true life,roadies,splitzville.Making professions such as an escort,stripper look cool and raw.What is a profession that has no dignity and you have to go in the hidden mode just to talk about it.What kind of a hypocrisy is it when a channel talks about being pure and raw and hides the identity of the individual while showcasing their alternative profession.They are probably the worst role models ever to be pickup only by a nincompoop and an indolent mind;so screwed up that you can’t decide right from wrong.When a person cannot decide right from wrong,they are inviting doom.Making vice look otherwise very cool.Every heard a successful world leader preach something like what Mtv and its twin utv bindass bol is trying to advocate?

We are influenced by celebrities and the limelight at some point of time in our lives.However our obsession might just fade with age or contiue till we are rotten and aged.We like to make use of practicality and rationality and its synonyms in our day to day lives,however theres a secret passage that keeps ticking and we subconsciously simulate them.Are these stupendous performance artists good role models?What do we know about their trueselves from what we read in gossip magazines and twitter msgs.Why do you care what is true when their profession is all about ‘acting.’Teens wanting to win beauty paegents and getting a botox is quite alarming.How good are these role models to your life?

I’d say explore yourself and be your own role model.Pick up a thing or two from others successful lives that serves your true purpose.However theres no absolutism in anything.One cannot follow each and anything written in and written about a person’s life or opinions,coz hey..we got our own too?you ought-to follow what you’ve got to follow and decide what makes true sense to you.After you are able to swim through any kind of double bind created by the disingenuous demagougy in the form of a parent,teacher,siblings,leader,ideations in a book or any kind of thought that seems to influence our nous.Filter!thats what we grown-ups do!

Real beauty,just a spur?

India is a marriage frenzy society.Where women are trained from their days juvenile,to…Behave!!Ha!The beauty  is we aint vain enough,even in times modern, to focus on the appreances alone.We need a set of parameters and a checklist of an ideal ‘bahu’;boohooo to that!The distaff  aspirations  get thwarted with archiac myths and how-to-be gospels sung in union by superannuated clan.Like Al Pacino says in Scent of a Woman-‘But there’s nothing like the sight of an amputated spirit.There is no prosthetic for that.’I’d add,not even make-up.Cosmetics cannot hide a dampened spirit.I’m in a profession of beautifying people.I understand beauty of the inner soul as much as i understand the importance of a well groomed appearance.Does the rat-race give people the time to give heed to genuine beauty of a woman that reflects through her inner strength?Inner strength that is versitile,inner strength that is able and capable of equalling challenges with no gender bias and still be be somber and lovable.I believe firmness of a beautiful mind and character has nothing to do with being insensitive or ignoring emotions in the name of being a tough-nut.A woman has the beauty of strength to display these array of qualities which  are both contrary and orphic.The beauty of a woman lies in her paradoxical nature.

Women have  inspirated men of the past and today to elevate  monuments and create music in their names joying eternal love.Is real beauty just a spur?Or is there more to it that meets the eye?How does a man transform his feelings from lust to loving a women head-over heels for a lifetime,is where the beauty of a woman really lies.In her unruffled discernments.Sure there’s a flip side to ever silver lining.We demand-full attention and suck on love and such things.But imagine a world of high pragmatism that is based on logic and reasoning alone.How long can you live with it?Dont you need emotions?The beauty of a women is in her expression of love.Something that makes the world go round.Can you really go about your life without loving someone and still be okay?In modern times these,we women try to accustom to men’s demands to such an extent that we search for the veil of prosaic pragmatism in order to save ourselves from being type-casted.People,even women go to the extent of hiding their emotional nature for the fear of appearing vulnerable.I say,whats wrong with that.Are we programmed machines?Why not celebrate being a human being by showing some emotion,and why not,we are gifted with understanding emotions to the point of its complexity.Why are we ‘supposed to be a certain way’ to be acceptable to the other gender.Wheres the beauty if you aint loved for who you really are?How will you ever get what you want if you aint comfortable being your true self for the fear of being left-out?Wheres the beauty in making ‘adjustments’ and ‘compromises’.Are we sissies?I bet we aint.

We can get what we want if we ‘really’ want to.How badly do you want whatever you want.For instance,freedom.Are women free from being stereotyped.Are they free from being moral-policed.A time a you have been dumped coz you were prolly a tough competition and fiercely independant.A time when you were ‘supposed to’ do as being told.A time when you have been labelled and judged coz you like sci-fi movies and robots and pc games  unlike other gooey-girls who like pink dolls and make-up.Have you ever sensed the beauty of freedom amongst this obdurate sensless torture.The beauty of a woman lies in her strength to swim across these awakard pedicaments and yet inspire a hell lot.We have examples in our history,dont we?

Real beauty aint just a spur.Real beauty is the strength of a paradox that lies in the freedom of a spirit that bruised itself yet doesnt give up and aint bitter.Something thats more than an inspiration, an appreciation and a bequest that such a thing exists for us to awe and nourish.To blush and folly for,to learn and unlearn and never stop to yearn.

however few ladies in the west have crossed all boundries.Injecting their 8-year old babies with botox injections in the hope of sending them to beauty paegents is not just lame but a terrible crime in my eyes.Little girls,do they really deserve to be needled in a age where tenderness ought to be nourished.This is obession with glamour-which is sometimes an evil twin of beauty that gets taken too far.

Beauty of a women aint just inspirational,it’s tranformational.

for the real beauty contest by yahoo and indiblogger yahoo real beauty