I have Become a Herbal Tea Connoisseur

After drinking black coffee for a really long time, I switched to herbal tea when it felt like there were coffee streams running in my blood vessels. My caffeine addiction ceased to zero. Once in a while I smell the freshly grounded coffee and add chocolate syrup to the black coffee, so you cannot call it black coffee anymore.

Green tea has been in the list of my daily intake. So, I tried as many flavors as available. The cinnamon, lemon, mint, tulsi, and more blends. Then I tried black tea. I found black tea to have boosting my metabolism than green tea. I also tried the jasmine, Apple,Hibiscus,peach, apricot, and the fruit flavored teas. They make you feel lighter.




The Symphony of Heart

I have never understood no strings attached relations. I wouldn’t even dare to try. Only because emotions feel good. They feel good because they are true. I am old school when it comes to relations. I have always believed in stability of relations. Isn’t that what matters in the long run? Why would you want to waste your time in associations that won’t turn into something meaningful. I belong to the era of millenials, but my heart belongs to an era where real relations were valued and had no interference or influence of the digi world.

It’s funny, when you look around, how these values stay in a penultimate shell. People do not want to believe real relations could exist, and that you are not one of those groupies you ‘chill out’ with. Strange as it seems, your desire to see a few things in black and white get colored by the external world. Those discoordinated colors that people fill just to get a kick out of it, do not realize, they are aching someone’s heart through to the core. Emotions are no fun to experiment. They are either there or ain’t there, there is no mid way in this.

Whether you succeed or you fail, love is all you need to make the journey worthwhile.

5 Wise Risks Independent Women Take in Life

Women do not need empowerment if they follow their instincts and waive the habit of second-guessing their hunch. “Directness in action,” ain’t a virile attribute anymore. When they start thinking for their own needs, without being a martyr, they exemplify being the stronger gender.

Being guided by intuition

Did you ever have a hunch about something and you dismissed it by rationalizing it? Did you feel better when you chose to survey your perceptions? It felt right, didn’t it, being guided by intuition? That is one of the risks we dare to take without being skeptical about it. When we work on what feels right and take action, that is when we emerge from being a cliche.

“Taking action,” is not a manful propriety. It is a bold chance independent women take as a result of having strong conviction. When autonomy becomes your sole prerogative, it gives women lesser odds of permitting smacks of abuse of any kind.

Being assertive

Assertiveness comes from a mere ability to say ‘No.’ A firm, polite, ‘No,’ to matters that do not coincide with your principles, beliefs or gumption. Women often feel guilty to upset anyone and sacrifice their chance to stand up for themselves. This lack of self-assurance is a gateway of being abused, deepening further into a web of emotional traps.

Assertiveness saves you from being sent on guilt-trips and vain vacations. This quality guards you against dissembling and manipulative people. When you listen to your gut, and assert yourself in any situation, you radiate into a stronger person.

Being directed by emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is our will to analyse our feelings from a neutral standpoint. That way, we are neither being biased nor wallowed into self-pity. By thinking of solutions, to improve us internally, and learn to give life a fair chance without being dramatic.

It is a way of life that is bound to transform us into someone better, eventually. It makes our judgement sound and our wisdom solid.

It helps us positively. It helps us weigh situations fairly. Having emotional intelligence does not make us hard-hearted but rather compassionate. It helps us take care of ourselves, both, internally and externally. It helps us create balance in ourselves and our relations by positively moulding our emotions.

Speaking your mind

There is more honesty in straightforwardness than diplomacy and white lies. While being brutally honest might not be considered kind, sugar-coating even grievous issues gives the impression of being a pretender or being feeble-minded.

Either ways, it does not resolve any conflicts and bring well-founded solutions. Being assertive is speaking your mind in a way that is not offensive and at the same time honest.

Sometimes there are situations where you have to do a little more than speaking your mind, be bold and take the bull by its horns!

Being bold and adventurous

Wearing what you want, pursuing what you like without giving heed to what anyone else thinks is being bold and adventurous. It’s a conviction and faith in your choices you make without the need of affirmations.

Sometimes people enjoy dragging you down only because they fail to venture and explore themselves. They will try to put you in the vas of a stereotype. But, you know yourself too well to let it affect you.

Women who take these risks at the cost of being labelled and still stay strong in their conviction are true examples of independent women. She could be a housewife, a waiter or a Ceo. Independent women are not synonymous to being financially independent alone but to think on your feet and think for yourself at any point of time, in any given situation.

5 wise risks independent women take in life. Being independent does not always mean financial independence. It means taking charge of your own life in order to make firm, reasonable decisions. Whether you are working or not, nobody can take the autonomy away from you. Nobody can validate you, except you!

Ring the bell-ding dong!!

Its says be a part of the change and tell us,how you will Ring the bell-I’m tempted to say ding dong or tring tring.lol.but on the serious note-just ring the bell and run away.Okay now,seriously speaking seriously.. :p okay,im serious..no more sticking out da tongue..  😛 ..okay,hmm..sush brain,this is a serio..USsss post…

I would like to tell all those people who can read,please stop getting influenced on the ‘bhartiya nari’ concept watching those ‘mindeating’ soap-operas,you could watch operas and feel the essence of beautiful emotions that enhance your respect and understanding of women esp when you use it as an excuse to woo-women.

no,but really,im serious!

keeping a serious face and controlling my grin–bah bah my jaws are aching …

Please DONOT teach the women in your homes-daughter,sister,wife(of couse in case of wife i know you will cringe on my request,okay,u could do it with caution) to be submissive or docile.Because they are so used to being submissive and your constant reinforcements about the same made them condition themselves that thats how they are suppose to react,they will stand confused to situations of molestation or any such atrocities.TEACH THEM THE VALUE OF BEING KICKASS!!! SERIOUSLY-NO KIDDING.please do for your own sanity and their safety.

Encourage women to speak their mind and not be coy and be passive-aggressive.This will strengthen their conviction.

Atrocities that happen not only physically wound a womens body but also her spirit tell her outrageously that she is weak when she is in reality the corner stone of every aspect of a man’s life at every stage!

My humble request to all family members change your very basic perception about what a women is and give her independance that makes her esteem grow stronger and think for her self.Karate and kung fu are not the only solution.Change your mind set about how you treat a women and make the men in your family know about the limitation of content they can have with women they meet in their day-to-day life!

hope my humour also did instill a deep-rooted usher for a brand new change making you open to simple perceptions.Please do try,it aint that difficult.

Toh sathiyoon revolution ki ghanti bajao– http://www.bellbajao.org/

The shoulder-surfing maniac

“The public have an instatiable curiosity to know everything,except what is worth knowing”-Oscar Wilde.

That said tech-citizenry seem to have been bitten with a pandemic curiosity bug-looking_into_your_screen_while_you_dont_notice.If you are someone in front of the computer,regardless of where you are,you will be accompanied by a rummy sidekick-the shoulder surfer.Shoulder-surfers loves to skim through your  screen and get tid-bits on your modus operandi of workflow and gain insights and stats on whats going on in your workspace.Why this info seems so vital is still non sequitur.Maybe they could re_playwrite ‘waiting for godot’ with their incomprehensible wonder on what are you doing performed in their theatre of the absurd?or mebbe they could get a wiff of your password..sly fellas 😛 .

Its absurd how our dependance on techonology has instilled in us archetype insanity and ocd that has no significance in reality,yet we are still party to such eerie behavioural traits leading to identity thefts and what not.Can social engineering change the imploring morbid curious human nature?that wants to know more about insignificant details to underpin mundannes of routine?hasnt technology pushed our vulnarabilities to a newer demented levels where we part a fraction of our time gathering unwanted information..?

Scented Letters

Raptures from the wild clime,                                  

love seasoned as basil-thyme,

mumurs of victimless crime,

being single,happy i’m.

                                  arcane charm,halcyon days,

                                        90’s magic and slambooks,

                                            have switched their place,

                             penning eternal love’s overlooked.

                                                                    cyber woo,

                                                         has a heart of stone,

                                                 fidelity spoofed as home brewed,

                                     Chronicles rendered are well known.

                                                Warm-toned-longing-a real McCoy,

                                         Soul cannot inspirit false implants,

                                               of shammed jump_for_joy,

                                             This ain’t nature’s song and dance.

                                                 Inked in script of emotional virginity,

                                                             off guard moments,

                                                   Miss the burden of vanity,

                                                  Scented Letters were once  lyrical ascents.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Vaishali Adwant

Guinea Pig Behaviour

My adorable Chumbi and Dumbi

I have never had pets before,coz there were not many options.I never wanted sharp-toothed,noisy pets coz I love my calm and quite.Dogs though faithful and dearly attached,gnaw furniture plus you have to train them etc etc..cats cute and high maintainance.I have always loved animals and birds but mostly prefered them at zoos coz of this main reason.I wanted something cute and cuddly and low maintainance and silent.I cant help but hopelessly adore guinea pigs.I did my bit of research before wanting to have pets.After thinking about hamsters,sheeps,squirrels,fishes,doves,ducks;I settled for guinea pigs.I prefer herbivores,coz i’m a dedicated veggie.

They are so damn cute.They take their own sweet time to trust you and then they are so affectionate.The weeking noise they make is never noisy enough to disturb you.They do that only when they need food.Basicly they make different kind of sounds only with a purpose.They love pigging on food,thats probably the reason these rodents are called pigs.They love eating all day,its their idea of fun and adorable activity.They donot know how to play with various toys.They will either stare at them or get scared and run away.They love to run and stroll and lick almost anything and everything they come across.Curious pets,a sudden big noise can startle them.I had to give them some blankets to burrow in during the time of diwali.They love burrowing.If they see some fabric or garment or even carpet,furniture, they will always go under it and hide.They enjoy doing it,its like their little type of zen meditation.

Chumbi Dumbi and family

I’m so attached to them,they will never pee or poop on you.If they need to attend this duty,they will shake their butts or show some kind of restlessness.I leave them for a little while to do their business and then again pick them.They watch movies,read books with me quietly with avid curiosity.They look cutest when they yawn.They are very sensitive to your feelings.Like dogs they too are fine-tuned to your moods and emotions.If they see me doing some work,they week only once or twice and then sit quietly till they are served their food.

They have the most obedient children.I have seen my piggies little ones blindly follow whatever their adults do and eat and they do it so religiously,it makes you laugh.Any new fruit,edible must be first tested by the adult guinea pig before the little ones attempt to eat it.They always wait for their elder clan to inagurate the item before they can use.These lovely species,though they are foodies,they are never careless eaters.They know whats good for them and they eat only that.If you offer something else,they will only sniff it and go away and not even touch or go near that item as long as it lays there.Such careful,health conscious piggies they are.Theres so much to learn from them.The most well-behaved cultured pet species i have ever come across.I know i will have them for a lifetime.They are no trouble at all.They will never bit you,even if they do it,its only because they are scared,blisfully unaware of aggression towards us.Sweet tempered,lovey-dovey,authentic cuteness.

My piggies Kidos

Because they have very tiny hands and super cute fingers,they cannot get violent with hands,they fight trying to hit each others mouth if the other piggie does something to piss him/her off like wake them up from sleep or accidently scratch or stamp them.Even when they fight,which is very very rare and lasts only for a couple of seconds;You just have to put a towel on fighting piggies,its enough to confuse them and silence them.They usually dont do it in front of human beings also they feel shy to drink water in front of anyone.They do it stealthly when no one is looking or in the night when its dark.I dont know why but its weird and a funny trait they  have.

They do enjoy good music,esp when they get used to it,they can listen for hours without feeling scared or uncomfortable by increase in volume or change of tunes.You can easily figure out the female guinea pig just by her behaviour.Initially I thought they were both males.But only one of them started chasing the other.However the female piggie that I have has a very feminie body language,they way she sits or shows genuine interest and observes me when i’m  doing house chores or watching tele.The male piggie i have is indifferent to all these things,will never bother to watch tele to take interest in the surroundings.Most of his interests are directed only towards food and female species.This is so typical,didnt expect it in guinea pigs too.Looks like all male genders are alike in all species.

They are neatness freaks of sorts.They will clean their mouth and keep cleaning themselves esp after they’re done eating or scratching or any activity.They will never share food.They are like Joey tribiani when it comes to food.The funniest part is their jumping time.When they are happy they jump on all their 4 feet ,it looks like they are having seizure but they are actually happy.They roll their heads,jump and run keep making continuous chatty noise like they are talking.When the male wants to attract his female,he rumble struts, i.e,he literally dances around her to get her attention.

They are neither smelly,nor messy or noisey.Occassionally I give them baths which they seem to enjoy and cooperate without trying to run or jump.They do get jealous when they see me petting the other one,they start grinding their teeth,you can hear it,its amusing.They make such ideal pets even if you are busy whole day.I leave them in lot of grass and some carrots and cucumber they can keep eating whole day.Its cheap,low maintainance.If you talk to them they will look at your face and pay attention to what you are saying as if trying to figure out.I can go on and all.They are so well-behaved,you dont have to train them for anything.I decided to call them Chumbi and Dumbi and their little ones itti,bitti,titti committee.Naming pets is something i didnt like doing coz i keep calling them with various names.’Tinglie’ is esp a common variety of name that i call all small creatures.They are sensitive and you have to take good care of them.All you have to do is handle them sweetly and gently and they will give you lots of love and attention.I never liked anything cute and sweet before but these sweetpeas are my exceptions,their cuteness and innocence is 100% genuine and heartfelt.They my special darlings and always will be.

Here’s my first video of my Chumbi and Dumbi that I shot for youtube, when i bought them home,enjoy!

The instant good life!!

42 is not the answer to the meaning of life,humorously sufficed in hitchiker’s guide to galaxy.A constant good mood and pleasant spirit builds a good life and that happens when humour becomes a regular part of life.They say FB is addictive and dramatic but I have always found the online social space quite useful.Not only to form new like-minded relations but also add humour and inspiration to my life on a day to day basis.Those mirthful pages and those inspirational posts in them,so effortless and adding value to my life.Dont have to commute or pay a single penny to draw life’s inspirations from these various posts.Sharing what I like and made me laugh with the rest of them has become a part of my routine virtual reality.I’d say you dont have to wait for the scheduled comedy central on the tele,or wait for a person to make you laugh or smile.You can find it all at any time,at your disposal.Regardless of how many people keep pushing your buttons on a day-to-day basis,humorous and inspirational posts just do the righteous work of bouncing your spirits back and give you that instant good life!

Also it is magical when you consciously decide to let go certain people who create unnecessary drama and negativity in your life and are only waiting to bring out the worst in you;you instantly feel so positive and energitic.Also telling someone point blank,esp who has been causing unrest detriment to your personal and spiritual progress and well being is like cleasing aura instantly.The enthu created in a jiffy only works towards strengthening your moxie! and that is the true spirit of life!Not always an easy decision,but you gotta do what you gotta do!!

Currency notes or post-its?

People in india are such literary geniuses that they dont even spare the currency notes from their authorship.From crazy poems to shopping list items,names of lovers with heart shapes in blue ink;you find it all on the currency notes.Dont we have any respect for money?Not only is it wrong to do that RBI cannot use such notes for official transcations and thousands of crores of rupees are thus wasted.We educate people about family planning,career councelling.We should have a digital notice board of sorts in every city and town which can spread such awareness so that people can read such important stuff while commuting.if you want an outlet in writing theres this massive thing on internet called-blogging!and available in all languages.Since people can write,they most certainly can blog as well.They’d rather convert their passion for writing a rather fruitful activity and show respect towards currency notes.have handy organizer for shopping,grocery list etc instead of wasting it on folding money.

Summer junket with Kyra

pic taken by me on nokia!

When two fashionistas decide to have a vale of time amidst the tropical murmurs and boastfull options,summers and beaches seemed like an instinctive concordance.Goa seemed a little shopworn.Baga beach and banana rides in hot,scorching  time of the year would wear-out our tan and pleasure.Coorg seem good amidst greenery and all but we wanted to have fun at the beach,the one which wasnt repeated too often atleast in our travelouges.Kerela backwaters along with ayurvedic rejuvenation seemed to hit the bullseye.Both of us are deeply meditative and love the greens and always add a tinge of spirituality in all our vacations.Destination was set and we did have a brief about things we would do in a weeks time.Amongst coconut,palm trees and Malabar coast with water sports,oil massages and herbal baths,we sure were gonna were-out our year-long crib of stress and stuff.We decided on a roadtrip instead.Started from Hyderabad ar around 4.00am in the morning all fresh and pumped up with Lakme Sunscreen lotion,shea butter lip balm,exotic summer colours nail enamel,lipgloss,beauty accessories,essential oil and colourful clothes.We love lenin,alright.Also organic fabric in cobalt blue,sea green,white and bright yellow and saffron red colours.Right from flip-flops,to floater sandals nothing that would remind us of a ballroom or work-clothing.Beaded neck-pieces,body wash and great country and blues music.We love louis Amstrong,bob Marley,buddha bar and Zen music anytime!and ofcoure Kyra likes bollywood numbers so we did have a mix of hindi,telugu,tamil and some regional folk numbers.Eating light with fruits and sandwiches and loads of fresh and aloe water we embarked our much awaited journey.

Singing,gossiping,reading Harpers Bazar and the ilk apart from ‘The Secret’ which is our bible we reach a dhaba on a highway around 10.30pm.Munching on the authentic punjabi butter-paneer and rotis with a whole glass of rose Lassi we were all ready to do the hop back and drive to our very exciting destination.Inspite of finding cute guys on the way,we made a pact of no carpooling or hitchhicker to our very generous nature and did maintained it so with full committment.

Took two good days to reach where we had to by stopping for food and essentials.Though a spot in the inetrim of the journey seemed to boast of its supernatural,haunted nature,we curbed our adventerous spirit for now and took a different route instead of venturing into this so called haunted highway.Highways are famous for that anyway,spilled trucks and weird crying noises,we didnt stop to look but continued our journey without delving into such curiocity.

We then reached this resort.So cosy and warm unlike the snoberry of swish hotels.We did feel so close to nature and our primitive self that was so untouched by vanity.We started to see the real beauty inside and outside all the more.For a moment what we have to deal with on a day-today basis,the pressure to stay ahead of competition esp in our fields seemed to have placated at this very junction.We were more welcoming what we had to experience.

Language was a barrier since we both were North Indians only able to speak toota-phoota telugu but very good english.So we decided to communicate in that language.We were aware before hand about the do’s and don’ts of this place so half battle was won.We did manage to communicate in English with above average success.On the day of arrival we decided to take a day off and cool off a bit.Eat authentic kerala cuisine,walk around and take pictures and of course pour our hearts out chatting up!

Next two days were action-packed!We were at the Kovalam beach kayaking,surfing,skiing and of course sun bathing.Patches of coral reef and so close to the nature in this watery ride was just what the doctor ordered for a tropical summer.We usually  returned to our resort around 6.00pm in the evenings,watching the famous kathakali performances in colourful masks and garbs.We felt so close to our Indian culture and proud at the same time musing the variety of folk dances,music and natural beauty we got.Like paradise was created on this very land.The quiet and secluded blue waters of kovalam beach and line of coconut trees.We learned that Kovalam means a groove of coconut trees.Our evenings would end checking out the jewellery and cloth shops spread across the waterfront and good food.

The next morning was our favourite thing to do!Oil baths,massages,meditation and yoga!yayie!We learned some good details about herbs which are available locally and we could use it for our well being.We also learnt  some techniques from experts in yoga that could be practices anytime we were feeling out of sorts.

We ended our week long stay visiting the southern most lighthouse beach and enjoyed the lush greenery taking a backwater cruise.When we were back and started packing we took a little time to reminsce the good times close to nature,people,earth and our culture and felt so enriched like it make our aura stronger making us feel so very good about ourselves and satisfied with our journey and the awesome memories we would keep referring atleast till we make yet another exotic ,fun and meaningful journey!


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