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Summer junket with Kyra

pic taken by me on nokia!

When two fashionistas decide to have a vale of time amidst the tropical murmurs and boastfull options,summers and beaches seemed like an instinctive concordance.Goa seemed a little shopworn.Baga beach and banana rides in hot,scorching  time of the year would wear-out our tan and pleasure.Coorg seem good amidst greenery and all but we wanted to have fun at the beach,the one which wasnt repeated too often atleast in our travelouges.Kerela backwaters along with ayurvedic rejuvenation seemed to hit the bullseye.Both of us are deeply meditative and love the greens and always add a tinge of spirituality in all our vacations.Destination was set and we did have a brief about things we would do in a weeks time.Amongst coconut,palm trees and Malabar coast with water sports,oil massages and herbal baths,we sure were gonna were-out our year-long crib of stress and stuff.We decided on a roadtrip instead.Started from Hyderabad ar around 4.00am in the morning all fresh and pumped up with Lakme Sunscreen lotion,shea butter lip balm,exotic summer colours nail enamel,lipgloss,beauty accessories,essential oil and colourful clothes.We love lenin,alright.Also organic fabric in cobalt blue,sea green,white and bright yellow and saffron red colours.Right from flip-flops,to floater sandals nothing that would remind us of a ballroom or work-clothing.Beaded neck-pieces,body wash and great country and blues music.We love louis Amstrong,bob Marley,buddha bar and Zen music anytime!and ofcoure Kyra likes bollywood numbers so we did have a mix of hindi,telugu,tamil and some regional folk numbers.Eating light with fruits and sandwiches and loads of fresh and aloe water we embarked our much awaited journey.

Singing,gossiping,reading Harpers Bazar and the ilk apart from ‘The Secret’ which is our bible we reach a dhaba on a highway around 10.30pm.Munching on the authentic punjabi butter-paneer and rotis with a whole glass of rose Lassi we were all ready to do the hop back and drive to our very exciting destination.Inspite of finding cute guys on the way,we made a pact of no carpooling or hitchhicker to our very generous nature and did maintained it so with full committment.

Took two good days to reach where we had to by stopping for food and essentials.Though a spot in the inetrim of the journey seemed to boast of its supernatural,haunted nature,we curbed our adventerous spirit for now and took a different route instead of venturing into this so called haunted highway.Highways are famous for that anyway,spilled trucks and weird crying noises,we didnt stop to look but continued our journey without delving into such curiocity.

We then reached this resort.So cosy and warm unlike the snoberry of swish hotels.We did feel so close to nature and our primitive self that was so untouched by vanity.We started to see the real beauty inside and outside all the more.For a moment what we have to deal with on a day-today basis,the pressure to stay ahead of competition esp in our fields seemed to have placated at this very junction.We were more welcoming what we had to experience.

Language was a barrier since we both were North Indians only able to speak toota-phoota telugu but very good english.So we decided to communicate in that language.We were aware before hand about the do’s and don’ts of this place so half battle was won.We did manage to communicate in English with above average success.On the day of arrival we decided to take a day off and cool off a bit.Eat authentic kerala cuisine,walk around and take pictures and of course pour our hearts out chatting up!

Next two days were action-packed!We were at the Kovalam beach kayaking,surfing,skiing and of course sun bathing.Patches of coral reef and so close to the nature in this watery ride was just what the doctor ordered for a tropical summer.We usually  returned to our resort around 6.00pm in the evenings,watching the famous kathakali performances in colourful masks and garbs.We felt so close to our Indian culture and proud at the same time musing the variety of folk dances,music and natural beauty we got.Like paradise was created on this very land.The quiet and secluded blue waters of kovalam beach and line of coconut trees.We learned that Kovalam means a groove of coconut trees.Our evenings would end checking out the jewellery and cloth shops spread across the waterfront and good food.

The next morning was our favourite thing to do!Oil baths,massages,meditation and yoga!yayie!We learned some good details about herbs which are available locally and we could use it for our well being.We also learnt  some techniques from experts in yoga that could be practices anytime we were feeling out of sorts.

We ended our week long stay visiting the southern most lighthouse beach and enjoyed the lush greenery taking a backwater cruise.When we were back and started packing we took a little time to reminsce the good times close to nature,people,earth and our culture and felt so enriched like it make our aura stronger making us feel so very good about ourselves and satisfied with our journey and the awesome memories we would keep referring atleast till we make yet another exotic ,fun and meaningful journey!


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What gadget are you?

Oh yes what we carry with us definately represents who we are inside(nope this aint no crusoe-who are you inside ad..this is who are you outside.We sapiens have developed dependant personality disorder over years,rather gadget dependant personality disorder.This so happens when you have an iphone..Your world becomes the virtual world and all you communiticate at a deeper levels are the bites of bytes.I have been the Nokia aficionado right from early days of Nokia and will continute to do so regardless of what comes into the market.My loyalties dont change.I believe thats the gadget I mostly represent,headstrong and tenacious from inside who can still be all functional regardless of any kind of depletion.Nokia phones are known for there robustness.Well in a lot of ways I represent this phone for the most part.The life of their operation is commendable regardless of  weather conditions.Thats speaks highly of reliability which is again yet another trait I represent.People rely on me to get things done,i’ve always been the go-getter workholic of sorts.Yet there is a very sensitive side to me that doesnt surface itself for most part coz im usually downed in work ,hobbies and interests.Nokia phones are epitome of precise functionality,carefully planned design,reliability and navigability.However I must comment on the navigable part as i may or may not represent it.Its not easy to read me,however easy going i might just be…im usually misunderstood for whatever reason.These phones are like a whole cosmos of themselves like they were born on a separate planet called Nokia.Nothing aint over the top,pretty much for pragmatic people who are more interested in utility than fancy vanity.That the paradoxical side to me…I’m more into utility on the personal side however my professional values are different.The more finicky im aboutmy work giving high importance to precision and beautifying stuff,personally im pretty down to earth and reserved.This is the device i mostly represent,as theres always more to a person than what forms the core.My core is what nokia represents for the rest theres always ideologies and metaphores. I hence choose practical gadgets with are more on the utility side than high maintainance,coz thats most part Meeeee…

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Real beauty,just a spur?

India is a marriage frenzy society.Where women are trained from their days juvenile,to…Behave!!Ha!The beauty  is we aint vain enough,even in times modern, to focus on the appreances alone.We need a set of parameters and a checklist of an ideal ‘bahu’;boohooo to that!The distaff  aspirations  get thwarted with archiac myths and how-to-be gospels sung in union by superannuated clan.Like Al Pacino says in Scent of a Woman-‘But there’s nothing like the sight of an amputated spirit.There is no prosthetic for that.’I’d add,not even make-up.Cosmetics cannot hide a dampened spirit.I’m in a profession of beautifying people.I understand beauty of the inner soul as much as i understand the importance of a well groomed appearance.Does the rat-race give people the time to give heed to genuine beauty of a woman that reflects through her inner strength?Inner strength that is versitile,inner strength that is able and capable of equalling challenges with no gender bias and still be be somber and lovable.I believe firmness of a beautiful mind and character has nothing to do with being insensitive or ignoring emotions in the name of being a tough-nut.A woman has the beauty of strength to display these array of qualities which  are both contrary and orphic.The beauty of a woman lies in her paradoxical nature.

Women have  inspirated men of the past and today to elevate  monuments and create music in their names joying eternal love.Is real beauty just a spur?Or is there more to it that meets the eye?How does a man transform his feelings from lust to loving a women head-over heels for a lifetime,is where the beauty of a woman really lies.In her unruffled discernments.Sure there’s a flip side to ever silver lining.We demand-full attention and suck on love and such things.But imagine a world of high pragmatism that is based on logic and reasoning alone.How long can you live with it?Dont you need emotions?The beauty of a women is in her expression of love.Something that makes the world go round.Can you really go about your life without loving someone and still be okay?In modern times these,we women try to accustom to men’s demands to such an extent that we search for the veil of prosaic pragmatism in order to save ourselves from being type-casted.People,even women go to the extent of hiding their emotional nature for the fear of appearing vulnerable.I say,whats wrong with that.Are we programmed machines?Why not celebrate being a human being by showing some emotion,and why not,we are gifted with understanding emotions to the point of its complexity.Why are we ‘supposed to be a certain way’ to be acceptable to the other gender.Wheres the beauty if you aint loved for who you really are?How will you ever get what you want if you aint comfortable being your true self for the fear of being left-out?Wheres the beauty in making ‘adjustments’ and ‘compromises’.Are we sissies?I bet we aint.

We can get what we want if we ‘really’ want to.How badly do you want whatever you want.For instance,freedom.Are women free from being stereotyped.Are they free from being moral-policed.A time a you have been dumped coz you were prolly a tough competition and fiercely independant.A time when you were ‘supposed to’ do as being told.A time when you have been labelled and judged coz you like sci-fi movies and robots and pc games  unlike other gooey-girls who like pink dolls and make-up.Have you ever sensed the beauty of freedom amongst this obdurate sensless torture.The beauty of a woman lies in her strength to swim across these awakard pedicaments and yet inspire a hell lot.We have examples in our history,dont we?

Real beauty aint just a spur.Real beauty is the strength of a paradox that lies in the freedom of a spirit that bruised itself yet doesnt give up and aint bitter.Something thats more than an inspiration, an appreciation and a bequest that such a thing exists for us to awe and nourish.To blush and folly for,to learn and unlearn and never stop to yearn.

however few ladies in the west have crossed all boundries.Injecting their 8-year old babies with botox injections in the hope of sending them to beauty paegents is not just lame but a terrible crime in my eyes.Little girls,do they really deserve to be needled in a age where tenderness ought to be nourished.This is obession with glamour-which is sometimes an evil twin of beauty that gets taken too far.

Beauty of a women aint just inspirational,it’s tranformational.

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