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Science Makes You Stoical and Art makes You Crazy?

Science and artistic fields may seem like oil and water. A balanced left and a right brain can dwell well in both. Steve Jobs is one of the offbeat, extraordinary examples of the left-right brain mix. A shrewd hippie, with a mind for tech, and a taste for aesthetics. Science demands logic. Creativity dwells on the magic you create with your imagination. People who choose science lead practical lives looking like an extension of humanoids. Doesn’t working with logic consistently make you impassive? But, we are human, aren’t we? We live for emotions. Those emotions reflect through family, friends, and people you love.

I think how practical can love get for these folks? They might simply work on parameters and checklists, isn’t it? when it comes to relations. The irony is, these are the kind of people who have stable relations and marriages, compared to the creative souls. Somewhere, deep down, when the practical mind is thinking well, realistically, it makes the other person’s life easy. Isn’t it? We, creative folks, live so deeply, intoxicating our minds with intensity, we give it a crown of madness and chaos, and call it free living. Doesn’t that completely defy the very meaning of free living?

Come to think of, creativity lies in science too. Music and art are made in numbers, format, and structure. Isn’t this the practical side of creativity? When designing smartphones, gadgets, the aesthetics are looked into. Now that, most certainly is the look and feel of a gizmo created with art in mind. So, what’s the facade about? What’s with the snobbery of science? We artists really have to learn to behave ourselves, and not be so open and expressive, expressing ourselves individualistically. But, that takes away the whole point of being a creative person. ‘Expressionism,’ the art of articulating yourself without the stain of pretense. Aren’t there more junkies in artistic fields, and it seems to be the norm? But, doesn’t art require balance too?

Madness and unruliness is not an excuse to be artistic. Likewise, being restrictive and reticent is not synonymous to science. Pragmatism is a feeling too, as long as it does not go to the extremes. It then becomes programmed and manufactured emotion, in its extremes. Sometimes, I feel, why these folks can’t feel so deeply. Because, when practical living seeps in, there is that uncompromising, self righteous, rigidity; and art is about flexibility. This goes to say, you can’t get into science without having a utility based thinking. You can’t get into art without being outrageous sometimes, you are allowed to be vile and offensive, if only there is a deep gumption that turfs out the vile and the sickening roots of conventional wisdom.


Steve Jobs :(

Prior to Vijayadashmi something went wrong in the heavenly network..they got tired of using their magical powers and esoteric methods.Just when apple was progressing manifolds,the immortals wondered what on Earth is this ‘Apple’?and who created this ‘Apple’ that you cant eat not relish but only use and be mesimerised in its wonder.When Adam was stopped from eating the forbidden fruit,who on the phase of Earth has gone beyond a point to see a breakthrough this rule and following Zen philosophy..?Finally God’s FBI agent found this wondeful earthling called Steve Jobs to have recreated the forbidden fruit,half eaten again but this time only to God’s wonder instead of dismay.Jobs who caused the reason for created innovative jobs for people and thinking for thinkers.They finally decided to hijack his significant sojourn on our planet that has only learnt to idolize his beautiful mind and take inspiration from his individualistic persona.A charmer with eccentric quirks and a mind that knows nothing but orignality and inventiveness with a spark of arrogance that makes it look stylish that only displayed passionate conviction in his own beliefs and ideas.Uninfluenced and unruffled,hes all taken to a newer dimension during the auspicious day of Navaratri cause God’s must be crazy about him too…his soul digitally travels through the cosmos to find a new avenue to innovation helping Him ease His life and add some more entertainment to His world..(He’s tired of faires and apsaras)..for all awesome stuff..now they’ve gt a priced possession..namely Steve Jobs..Maybe after a couple of aeons he might be recognised like God of Eccentric Innovation just like Vishwakarma is the God’s Architect,Steve Jobs might just be His Technical and Innovative Chieftain..

Hes taken away before he could do anything about 2012 prediction 😦

God …why you do this?????I not likes yuz selfishness…. :((((((